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    With a cough that was much more meant for the stage than in a spaceport Delta wiped the accent off of his tongue with all the force of a death star laser beam plowing through alderaanian schoolhouses. With one hand he tore the hat from his brow and tossed it underhand back on board the ship where is smacked into the back of a hauling droid. He pressed his forehead firmly into hers in the classic Mandalorian keldabe kiss, then crouched and turned it into a more human kiss. Since it would not do to expose himself as mandalorian to these Cathar that were somehow pissed about a ‘minor genocide’ from some four thousand years ago. That would be like being mad over Exar Kun and Uliq Kel Droma massacring the Massassi. And literally no one was mad about that. Or even was interested in seeing that brutish species return to the fold of the galactic frontier. But people had to have an identity and the Cathars seemed to embrace full heartedly the victim mentality that plagued so many. So Delta would keep quiet and secretly wish Mandalore Terra would come and finish the job of Cassus Fett, in some kind of Albigensian Crusade. He let out a low whistle at the EXP-9 and gave her a fierce and loving hug. “You know I couldn’t have wanted anything different. Thank you so much Ailbasi.” He held her close as he pulled the last of the wrappings off the mighty weapon and slung it comfortably at his side. His eyes also finding the Chissari that the Cathar girl seemed to be watching. “What's with blueman group? Do you know him?” He continued to walk beside her towards the exit of the starport.
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    With esteemed majesty and grace, the Best Behavior emerged from hyperspace at the edges of the Cathar system. The ship banked towards the golden planet and after a few terse words from the captain to the local authorities in some hissing howling language that Ca’Aran could only grimace at, they were joined on either side of the ship by a half flight of Z-95 headhunters from the central garrison. Probably just a safety detail, But Delta made sure he still had his blaster slung at his side. It fit with his costume anyway. He was not in armour this time, nor any kind of Black Sun stately uniform like he was used to. All of his old clothes were stored aboard the Marie and would be somewhere else in system, awaiting further orders. So he wore a cobbled together mix of rugged stylish clothes some seven decades out of style. He wore a wide brimmed hat from which dangled the teeth of a Corangi Lion cub from leather strips which was considered big game if you were an ewok.He strode down the ramp in style, hand on his overbig knife and greeting the immigration officials with a chipper backwoods accent. Calling them all “mates” like he was from Nordsikke back on Haruun Kal. He tipped his hat to the lovely black hair cathar he had come to like and passed her the Forged ID she had requested. “Oy mate pleasur’ to see yah. Gotta show you this knoife later back at the ‘otel!”
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    Delta straightened his back and pulled his handshake into a salute as he watched the Sith spirit depart. Then, he turned, walked out of the Cathar’s quarters, locked the door, and made his way to the Marie. That blessed ship that had carried him for over a decade. He smiled as the crew welcomed him aboard and after consulting with the officers he went to his quarters as the ship was prepped for hyperspace. It was when he had sat down on his grav couch, his pile of armour sitting beside him that his comm chirped from the Cathar girl with the Sith father. He smiled. What a lovely idea to go gallivanting to her species homeworld. He had never likened much to furries until he had met Ailbasí so he had written her species down as furry-lite. At least acceptable to let live. They weren’t Bothans afterall. So he made his decision, and walked back to the girl’s ship, dressed completely differently than anything Mando like. He passed the coordinates to the captain, and watched the Marie take off into the upper atmosphere before he walked back to the girls quarters and slept until they arrived. The Marie would follow should they need her.
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    Rogue One Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Return of the Jedi Solo Attack of the Clones The Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith Phantom Menace The Last Jedi My (controversial) list 😛
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    I have to say it fits the music perfectly Charles. Thank you for this. The story is brutal and carries with it the religious elements that are heavy in that song. Thank you so much. Keep these up
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    This is great Charles, I really enjoy what you have written so far brother. Here is a piece that has been hitting me recently, perhaps you can enjoy it! Love what you have done so far, keep it up!
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    Delta’s survival instinct kept him from saying something like, ‘she has given me a lot of comfort as well’ or something equally snarky that would end with him killed by some weird sith magiks. It was also interesting to him that Sithari like Dagon actually loved their offspring. Ar-Pharazon had all but ignored Telperien which is why she had fallen into his own care. The revelation grew his respect for the long dead Sith that he did not expect. There was some kernel of good in the sith, and in that moment of realization Delta made his decision. He would for his part, be the counter weight to the gnawing evil that would affect the daughter of Dagon in the Sith Empire. He would stick to the long road, and if not stop evil, become its rival. All while serving the Sith as a General at arms. It would be a redemption of sorts, and one long in the making. “I will stay by her as long as she will have me, come what may. You have my promise.” He extended a hand to the Sith spirit. As a sign of respect, even though he doubted the other man could shake it.
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    The sleep was restful till its bitter end. Where nameless and shapeless darkness turned to vivid nightmares. Nightmares were a constant for Ca’Aran the Recon Commando from batch seventy three. They had started more than a hundred years prior before the great sleep of carbonite and ashen shadows. Dred Priest, had haunted him both day and night as A2532 was formed from the scared tubeborn child into a deadly warrior. A trainer from the mandalorians, Priest had been the most brutal of the dozen men and women selected by Jango Fett to train the clone commandos. And his training had proven effective if not terrorizing for those involved. It was at a very young age that A2532 had scored his first kill in a circle of burning torches in the bottom hanger of Kamino 743. THat kill had been an honourable young fellow clone, and the feeling of his life leaving him as A2532 buried his vibrodagger up into his chest had frightened the young clone. But that action had carried him to the frontlines of the RC programme, and upon graduation Geonosis had come. Geonosis That pyrrhic victory for the republic that had wasted the lives of tens of thousands of young clones, and some seventy jedi knights. A wasteful start to a long war. Delta had been the only survivor of his cadre, and had been attached to a regular platoon upon the dissolution of his unit to assist as a guide and a scout for whatever the Republic put in charge of that unit. Some young jedi who was not qualified in the least to lead warriors. But when his hard eyes met her iceblue ones, his heart had never been the same. It was those eyes that woke him, or at least he believed they were as the Sith magics filled him with dread. He sat bolt upright with a cry and shivered for a second as he looked around the room that looked like a young girls dormitory in the first years getting out of her parent’s house. His fierce blue eyes found the Sithari spirit and he drew back in fright but quickly squared himself for whatever would come. “...Kailen?” But the booming voice marked it as not her, but instead the guardian of the woman he had just slept with instead. An equally frightening event, but he met the gaze with stern recognition and nodded. Implying that he should ask away. “...My intentions are not known even to me, for though I may intend something, the lady may desire the opposite. If you ask that I should intent to court her or something...perhaps? I do not yet know her. And I have every intent to get to know her. I did not know she was decended from ghosts." He pressed for his own question. Guessing at the source of this apparition. "Are you some Cathar warlord that I have not heard of? Or are you from the generation of Sith like Ar-Pharazon who sired the one I call my own daughter?”
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    It took a very long time to fall asleep, even with the comforting warmth of a woman beside him or the soft sounds of her footsteps while she trained. He stared up at the ceiling as he felt her soft breathing. Every inhale and exhale he could feel the soft fur bristle against his arm as he held her very close. When he finally drifted off it was to feelings of love and mild depression. For no matter how much he had worked and slaved for the Black Sun, they had never brought him this kind of feeling. Was this love? He couldn’t answer that. And though he hadn’t been in love since the clone wars, he knew it was far too early to pursue such a thing. When he awoke some half a dozen hours later, it was from a dreamless sleep. A restful sleep. He lightly kissed the back of her neck and untangled himself to begin his own training regimine.
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    The lick was ticklish and it traced the line of an old scar up to right below his eye. The gesture brought a smile to his face and he laughed heartily as she laid claim. His smile stayed as he picked the lithe girl up and carried her to the room only a few meters away still locked into that passionate kiss. When he broke for air he smiled with a grin, “You might love history, but have you ever had anything mass produced?” _________________ Three hours later _________________ Ca’Aran sat beside her, tangled in the mess of her sheets and staring up to the ceiling where some band that he did not know’s holoposter slowly rotated overhead. He felt strangely clearheaded, as if the last few hours hadn’t been exhausting but incredibly restful, though he wished he could have a breath of those flimsplast tobacs they used to hand out during the war to the troops. But alas he was plum out, so he simply lay where he was and thought about all she had said. Darkness, Salvation, Grace, Weakness. His heart in turmoil as it began to reflect on his past in black sun. Turning over to throw an arm over her he spoke softly in case she was asleep. “Ash, do you think someone who has done great evil can ever been redeemed?”
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    What would I have been if I had grown up like her? If I had not been trained to kill and obey with every fibre of my being from the time I could talk? It was a pointless exercise of course, to think of what he would have done in uni, or how he would have reacted to a mother. Oh but if he could have a mother. He would kill for that loving embrace. But his mother was the blue tinted walls of a transparisteel cloning pod. There was no warmth there. No intuition to teach, no values to pass down. It was strange to him to be so very and acutely jealous of this young Cathar and of every experience she had. But her kiss had been loving enough, an the warmth of her body against his, her small hands caressing the muscles of his arm and he knew jealousy could wait, especially if she was with him. For what had it been that Kailen had said back on Christophsis, while she had sat beside him, her blue robe and his red kama blood soaked and spattered with clinging mud. “Jealousy leads to a dark heart Ca’Aran. That’s what I said.” And ghosts had the tendency to prey on every bit of him when anything turned or the good in his life. Ghosts that called him back. The desired his presence where he belonged. Ninety years before, where the victims of the first war for the galaxy belonged. But this Cathar was different, and the past could wait. If he was damned to join them, then they could wait another few hours, or few years. Before the melancholy of the lone survivor finally claimed him to it eternal bed. He looked into her crimson eyes and smiled warmly, if slightly stiffly. For now was not the time to turn to the past, but look and develop to the future. “Ailbasí. That is a pretty name, what does it mean?” Such a pretty name, for such a pretty girl. “If you like learning and reading, there are many collections of historical novels and books that we have captured over the centuries. If ever you should desire them, you are welcome to them.” There he was throwing gifts out like candy, when he really should be asking a more serious question. “What do you want Ash?” It was not a light question, and not one asked in demanding. But an invitation for her to talk about what she wanted from the night, or any other thing that she could think of. He wasn’t good at flirting, but he pressed his forehead against hers. A keldabe kiss in the culture of his people as pale blue stared into crimson red.
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    There was a glimpse of kindness in her question, perhaps through a lack of knowledge of the Clone Wars or perhaps because she was a nice person underneath the Sithari personality. But what he did not expect was how with a single probing question that she brought back so much horror, so much regret, and those feelings of worthlessness. He could feel his stomach surge for a moment, but his tough military exterior saw him through. Outwardly perhaps his face became more hard, the lines at the corners of his mouth twitched into a small frown. “Miss.” His voice was soft, as if what he was saying was impossible. “I had to learn to live again. We were chattel to the Republic and the Empire after it. If anything what I learned from the clone Wars was that the Republic deserved its fate. Most of my men were silently put down when strain from their actions in the war began to show or if they were too wounded to continue on. The rich fought a war against separatists without ever getting their hands wet with the blood of millions that died. So my first choice when I found out that I was going to be ‘retired’ was to live. To venture into that void outside the purpose for which I was designed. My second choice was to bring whatever revenge I could upon those royal houses, and those vestiges of the Republic. I have fallen from that path to pursue simply riches and blood because that was easier. We all have a part in the Great Game whether we wish it or not. For to turn away from the game is to play it for what it truly is, to find your fate in a galaxy torn by war.” He grimaced. This was very personal stuff he was throwing out into the space between them, and he could sense his chances of getting some tonight slowly slipping away. So he continued as he could feel small ghostly hands upon his shoulders, and he knew that if he looked up he would see them. Always trying to draw him into the past, to be swallowed there. To acknowledge that he should have pulled that trigger on the battle worn DC-17 he had placed against his temple after he saw what he had done after sixty six. He had been a man without purpose, without the only thing keeping him sane. Without Her. He quickly looked up to the black coated cathari and smiled. Distracting himself from those memories at his back. “I am very glad to have met you, though I cannot recall if I have ever learned your name. So we must start there. My pod brothers named me Ca'Aran. But you must also tell me of where you come, what was it like to have a family, what is college like?”
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    Where Delta found himself was jarring to him, the girls atmosphere had been all evil and dangerous, but aboardships looked more like a homesick girls college dorm. Not like he had been in many of those in his time as a vagabond in the employ of the Black Sun, but he had seen enough Holofilms to get the idea. To him she seemed very conflicted, which spoke to his heart. A girl hesitating before stepping into the speeder traffic that was the dark side. But was it his place to save, or to pursue her? He couldn’t make up his mind, and before he could she had returned in an outfit that was very much not what he expected. It brought a smile to his face and he walked with her to the lounge and as she sat, he did as well, though on some kind of exercise ball which shifted uneasily under his weight. Plus the durasteel armour he wore could likely pop the thing so he decided to get more comfortable. He grinned at her sloppily, “Mind if I get comfortable as well before the interrogation starts? Plus it wouldn't be proper to get to know a girl unless she also can ask questions, so ask away if you want, let's make this a double sided interrogation eh?” Ritualisticly, as he had done for many years he began to remove the Katarn class armour, beginning at his hands. Seals hissed and they were released, and he pulled off his gauntlets, freeing his hands from the durasteel which enabled him to slowly pull his vest and chest armour off. He kept his eyes on the beautiful feline as he did so, and to break any tension he started some small talk. “Your quarters are very nice, they remind me a lot of my Jedi Generals back in the day, though she was…” He was about to say ‘Much younger than you and just an apprentice’, but felt that was an insult so simply pulled his chestpeice over his head to change the topic following it up with. “But that was a long time ago, you probably know the origin of someone like me, but in case you don’t...Hi i’m a clone of some mandalorian, bred on Kamino and trained by the Republic to be a killing machine. What is your story?” Within several minutes of frustrating work he had left a orderly pile of durasteel and armourweave beside the flexing ball of air and polymeerine plastic he was sitting on. He himself was now dressed in a red undertunic much akin to the type he had worn on Kamino so many years before. He piled the weapons he carried haphazardly on her floor, and sat back, cradling the lightsabre he had kept for decades for but a moment before tossing it into the pile. A relic of a time long passed. A time of murder. Then he looked back at her, his strong hands twisting awkwardly as if they desired a blade or blaster to hold. “Are you happy here among the Sith?”
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    Oh she’s crying? Classic me. He ground his heels into the dust covered Korribani hanger and seized her by the shoulders. His two strong hands encapsulating her lithe shoulders and pinning her in place. His eyes, steel blue as they were, were full of grim determination as well as a touch of fear at what he himself was uncovering. “You are not someone who needs saving, you have made countless decisions that left you here. If you are happy with what you are, then I am glad of it. I know and fear that decisions made are often regretted. For I am a creature of regrets, and if that scrap of heart I still have had its way I would place the barrel of my DC17 under my chin and join my brothers in whatever counts as an afterlife for clones. The galaxy would rejoice in my fate and my brothers in this Axis would be glad of another step up in the ladder of power I opened for them.” His eyes flicked up and to the left, looking off into space that was unoccupied. His brain rushed from thought to thought, despising the fact that he had opened up to this poor Sithari girl. His heart told him that there was a chance of salvation here. His brain told him that she was not worth his time and his loins told him a very different thing. It wanted what every evolutionary biologist deemed the desire for every lifeform. But he could ignore lust. He was trained to do that, to live and die in a trench on Christophsis, and not to be distracted by that Jedi general laying beside him… He shut that thought down before it awakened a spirit long subdued, and the mind and heart went back to war. So he spoke finally when the ramp had firmly settled onto the hanger floor with a hiss of outgassing from its interiors. “I…” His face scrunched up to a scowl and he spoke the words that both his brain and loins hated him for. “I would like to get to know you, then we can decide if passion is our game.” Then he leaned forward and placed his forehead against hers, so their eyes were close and his skin could feel the silk of hers. It was a Mandalorian tradition, usually done when helmets were on, a sign of affection and trust. His voice was very soft as steel blue looked into crimson red. “For you are no monster.” He released her and walked confidently up the ramp into her ship.