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  1. TEST |Holofernes| Shields| Armour| Hull| Ship Class: Star Destroyer Type: Sith Kyber Crew: 40,000 crew Armaments: 50 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries 75 Turbolaser Batteries 20 Heavy Ion Cannons 8 Octuple barbette turbolaser 4 Concussion Missile Launchers 10 Heavy Tractor Beam Projectors Complement: 4,000 Troops, 4 TIE Defender squadrons, 2 K-Wing Squadrons, 2 XJ Squadrons AP: 4
  2. The Black Sun Armada AP: 30 16 TIE Defender Squadrons 10 XJ Squadrons 20 K-Wing Squadrons 12 A-Wing Squadrons 2 Uriel ARC Squadrons TEST
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