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  2. He sighed. "I was on Gala too...right when it all went down. I was working for the Sith, my master died there- I was..." Tobias shook his head to clear his mind. "I was supposed to do something there to sabotage the base, but...I didn't. Either I was cut off or whatever- I don't think I would have done it anyways. I was in..." he broke off, his voice still heavy with memory. His eyes looking off into the distant past. "... I am in love. That's what brought me to the lightside, or at least as close as I can get to it." Tobias snorted with amusement and was brought back to the reality here and now. "I returned to Gala- that's a long story but basically I met up with Dahar, who became Grandmaster for a time. Then Kirlocca and Xae-Lin. The two masters are dead, the exorcist is gone back into the shadows. Don't know if we will ever see her again." His lip curled with disgust, his aura flashing with anger, but only briefly. The names of the two masters brought about sorrow and a sense of loneliness. "We all got into a fight with a Dark Side Monolith- and I tore it apart with abilities I had gained... Beyond Shadows. The Force Scar that was there has been somewhat healed." Tobias took a sip of the whiskey, then looked at Kari. "We can mope about the past evils we have done, or we can get to work fixing what we've done and make sure that others do not make our mistakes. There comes a point where you must say 'yes, I did those things, but I am not that person.' I am two lifetimes away from the Sith Knight I was. I am willing to face what I have done, those events still haunt me to this day. But I am trying to do better. And so are you. You will get there in time, trust me." Tobias took another sip and smacked his lips together. "So you're still of apprentice rank? Or what? How much do you know? You're powerful, so... I assume you know a thing or two?" He chuckled, his cheeks red with the booze he had drank. His knee started to bob up and down, a sign of restlessness. He had been wanting to spar for quite a while now...
  3. "No." She spoke with a sigh, filling her glass and taking a sip as she remembered back to Gala, the mess her Master had left her in, his toying laughter as he disappeared into the darkness as she receded into her own mind as the power within kept growing and growing out of control. She remembered Aryian's voice, and Dashel's touch as they saw both of her lives unfold before them. And then when she was about to explode, she remembered their comfort and the tears the three of them shared as she regained a semblance of control and Gala was saved. "Its been nearly a decade now, if not more." In truth, she had intended, or rather hoped, that she would spend the rest of her days on Tython. Faust, or Aryan.... whatever name he really went by, had utterly broken her during her tutelage under him, and Tython's spirits had brought Balance to her soul... the Je'daii most of all. But in her absence, her Master had came full circle and once again threatened the Balance of the Galaxy in its entirety. And as she looked past Tobias to the masses of refugees, she couldn't help but feel as if part of it was because of her. "You know, I spent all of that time hiding and healing from the wounds my Master inflicted upon my mind..." She spoke, pointing out the window toward the refugees, a tear strolling down her eye and causing her to take another sip. "And because of that, now trillions suffer. I should have just tracked him down and killed him myself years ago." Kari, realizing that she was letting her emotions get the better of her, wiped away the singular tear from her cheek and sat her glass down, reassessing herself and calming herself down. "Forgive me. I suppose that no matter how much I train, some things can only heal when they are ready to on their own." Kari chuckled half heartedly. "But to answer your question, i honestly dont know if I'll ever be ready to face that part of my past."
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  5. As she broke out into a fit, Tobias lazily let his hand fall to the staff across his lap. Then she broke out the good stuff. Tobias longed for the bitter taste- he resisted. Adenna had gone to considerable effort to make sure there was no booze here. He tried to resist, he really did. But the visions of Kashyyyk sprouted in his mind as if it was a valley of wildflowers in spring. He pulled the whiskey bottle to his own glass and let the liquid flow into his glass. Placing the bottle back down, he took a sip after the liquid had a chance to breath. The aroma hit him like swallowing a pill that set off serotonin through his whole body. Sighing, he let his gaze fall on Kari once again. "I did not know who was behind the attack. I applaud your efforts on Corusant, however your helped I'm sure it was appreciated. I wish I could have been there, but I cannot really be in two places at once across the Galaxy." He paused, considering his next statement. But then Kari toasted, he raised his own glass- "May you find what you seek." The words felt heavy as he spoke them, they were Sabatin's last words to him- or at least they were supposed to be, the Trandosian now haunted his consciousness. Then downed the amber liquid. "Have you been back to Gala since that battle?" Tobias was probing now, trying to figure out this Ranger...he knew there wasn't anything there, not anymore. Dahar's face flashed in front of him for the eightieth time in this conversation, he blinked it away...he missed his friend.
  6. Nyrys regarded Ca’aran’s image with disdain. Time had put distance between their fight, but she had been focused on other things since then, and had not really parsed through her thoughts and emotions on what had happened. Buried under time’s dust was a smouldering magma flow of emotions that threatened to seize control, and probably would have if she wasn’t acutely aware that the Dark Lord was evaluating her. She had a choice between revenge and ambition, but maybe the math would make the correct answer clearer. In the interest of furthering her apprentice’s training, Nyrys had left the command hub to join the battle directly. Now with the help of a technical officer she reviewed the data of what she had missed. The Sith coalition had traded up across the board, losing three cruisers in exchange for destroying three capital ships, and while it seemed like the terrorists had managed to recover their objective, it wasn’t anyone worth the blood price that the enemy had paid today. A small team would have been far better suited for this objective, but it looked like someone in the enemy command wanted to make a show of force. The outcome certainly could have been worse. “As much fun as it would be to use this moment to settle personal scores, I think that Delta is a tool that we are currently misusing. He’s a hammer, and Black Sun was trying to use him like a screwdriver. If we use him in the proper capacity, it will be a solid investment to retain him, we just shouldn’t expect him to perform in any capacity when it comes to screwing. But don’t worry Delta, we know how to handle tools in the Sith Empire.” A lot of Sith had a tendency to refer to Darth Vader’s methodology when disciplining officers without realizing the underlying context that Darth Vader was a career soldier surrounded by incompetent and untested officers who advanced more through political games than merit. Killing officers over impossible situations wasn’t inspiring better performance through fear, it was throwing homicidal tantrums. “If it pleases your Imperial Majesty, that is my judgement. Besides, nobody hates Delta more than himself, to live is its own punishment for him.”
  7. A shiver ran down Draygo’s back. A reflexive twitch from her hand dipped the B-Wing just below an emerald salvo from the Totenkopf II, then the exhilarating rush repeated itself. Armiena cut the throttle and sent the starfighter juking along the keel of the picket ship. In a maneuver that threatened to drive the blood from her head and the consciousness from her mind, the veteran Jedi stood the B-Wing on its S-Foil and sent it in a loop around the bulge of its gravwell projector, pumping ion and laser fire into the picket ship in an attempt to disable it. She held the loop until the Force whispered a warning of her imminent demise, then she broke into the engine wake of the fleeing corvette just as a TIE Defender shrieked past spewing laser fire. Temporarily masked from sensors by the engine wake of the Totenkopf II, Armiena risked a moment to glance down at a blinking damage report and blanched. The fighter’s hyperdrive had been damaged by the missile hit--disabled fuel intake--and the B-Wing wouldn’t be able to make a jump into hyperspace. She diverted the fighter’s entire power output into its engines and the craft surged forward, masked by a hail of fire from the survivors of the Galactic Alliance fleet and its remaining starfighter screen. “Clear a lane--hyperdrive’s shot--clear a lane, clear a lane,” the veteran Jedi repeated those words like a mantra as she raced towards the hangars of Justice’s Mandate. Racing towards the Star Destroyer’s starboard, Armiena watched starfighter crews dart out of the way as the B-Wing approached at well beyond safe landing speeds. She cut the throttle only seconds before the starfighter cleared the magcon field--just in time to avoid roasting the deck crew with her sublight exhaust and turning a fatal crash into the back of the hangar into a disconcerting bump. But something was wrong. The entire hangar appeared to be sideways--and with the artificial gravity from the Mandate, both Genesis and Armiena were being pulled uncomfortably towards their left side, held in place only by their restraints. Armiena glanced to her left and saw the deckplates of the hangar a meter away. Amongst the systems that had been disabled by the missile hit was the gyroscopic collar that held the cockpit stable during combat--it had locked into place during evasive maneuvers and now their perspective was approximately eighty degrees off the vertical. Draygo shrugged. There was still work to do, and it was going to be several minutes before the hangar crews could extract the two Jedi from their cockpit. Armiena popped the canopy and hit the quick-release on her restraints. Painfully, with a heavy crash as she landed, she fell in a heap to the deckplates.
  8. Fury fired in her eyes as Kari tossed aside the glass of water, instead reaching her satchel and pulling for a bottle of whiskey as memories of her arrival at Coruscant and the presence she felt there that she knew all too well. Pouring her glass nearly full, she slammed the bottle down between them and gulped down the entirety of her own glass as her gaze shifted again to the side in what could only be described as disgust. "It wasn't odd. It was Vladimir Faust, Lusef Aryan, whatever name he goes by now." She spoke, the rage still painted across her face as she breathed deep to bury it, her cheeks flushed with redness. Reaching up to pour more into her glass but not drinking it, she spoke again. "It was my former Master, the man who infiltrated the Jedi and trained me simply to show that he could do it, and left me a broken weapon at Gala. His presence was everywhere." Kari chugged down what she had poured and sat the glass down upon the table, her finally able to release the anger that was beginning to boil within her at the thought of him and focus on what Tobias was offering. With a deep sigh, she calmed herself, her gaze shifting back toward the man before her, her hopes that he had yet to think her crazy replacing her anger as she did. "I am but a servant to the Will of the Force, and it guides me. It was what led me to Coruscant, to the Galactic Alliance, and now to you and the Jedi. Perhaps it now leads me down the path you are about to walk." Refilling and raising her glass, she spoke but a single sentence with a wink. "The Force's Will be done."
  9. Mythos opened his eyes but for a brief handful of moments as he gazed about in wonderment, his last memories being of the engagement with the Sith aboard the ship. But the sights he saw were different, almost familiar as he looked down upon his form as he laid upon the gurnee, the necrosis flesh having been cut away and his shoulder half sawn off, bandages engulfing most of his form. Too weak to speak, her simply adverted his eyes toward the medical droid looming over him and his throat growled in pain as he realized his condition. He should have died, he felt. So why was he being treated so well by his foe? Or was he even amongst the Sith? These questions, though hard to process, jolted about his mind as he managed to whisper out a sentence. "Where are you taking me? "To Nar Shadaa, Marshal, along with the rest of the wounded." The droid replied, but all Mythos managed to hear was Nar Shadaa before he fell unconscious again, a flashing image of the dead surrounding him just as his gaze faded to black.
  10. Before Shiro had a moment to think clearly, the security forces of Nar Shadaa had descended upon him and forced him into a quick retreat. Grabbing the fence behind him, he twisted and scaled the nearby wall with his feet to the other side and took off into the night. Nar Shadaa had quickly lost its appeal and safety and he was back on the run yet again. If he was to escape yet again, he would need to find a quick route off of the moon and back into open space. That however, would prove as difficult as it seemed to be easy considering the world's history. On Coruscant, he was able to lose himself amongst the crowds of refugees and become one with them. But here, his face was known and would soon find its self postered across the holonet for every hunter and lawman to access. And even then, with his history on Odik II, it wouldn't be long before it gained creds now that three bodies laid upon his charges. And the biggest question of all was were would a boy of his age be able to disappear to without notice? He couldn't think at the moment, so Shiro ran. He ran like he had never ran before, turning down every corner he came across, his mind focused on the freedom before him and oblivious to the trail he was leaving behind him. He knew the security force was hot on his trail, but he cared not to remember, instead, losing himself in searching for his way off this damned moon. And that was all he focused on, his mind blank of everything else. And when he turned a narrow corner and saw his path had been cut off, his heart stopped for a brief moment. And it was in that moment, that an echo seared across the Galaxy, a singular ripple turning itself into a tidal wave as it ventured outward from Nar Shadaa. It was in that moment, as he put his hands up out of fear and surrender, the Sensitivity within him awakened and a invisible wall of telekinesis shot forth and swept his opposition off their feet. And for Shiro, a darkness took hold of his mind as his form fell forward into unconsciousness and utter despair. He was unconscious, unable to defend himself, unable to understand or comprehend what happened next as he was lifted up and was dragged away...
  11. The cantina seemed to quiet down at the mere whisper of that name. The scoundrels that drank their filth, drank a little slower with their eyes cocked a little wider. The old man did not react, seemed frozen in time as it were. You see, the mention of Jedi in these parts could leave a man hung from the lamp-post of the darkest corners, for they were few and hidden, and the Sith would sniff out any trace of them, no matter how small the crumb was. And so, the haggard fool stared with wonder, weighing the ignorance of an archeologist frolicking in the slums. There were others here, more than likely sharpening their blades and fixing a mental target to the back of the little lady. These were creatures of the bad kind, little to lose and everything to gain, and they preyed on the foolish. "Listen 'ere--" Glass slammed into the table, breaking the awkward silence. A drink for the lady, delivered in timely fashion by the inquisitive bartender, stamped on top of a brochure that he deceptively placed just a second before. The usual sound of the glass hitting the table, was a passive cue for the rest of the room to continue with whatever backwater business they were engaged in. The sound also suppressed a rising curiosity that nearly bellowed from the old drunk, again, with a timing that was unmatched. "Excuse his bad manners, the place you seek is right here on this pamphlet. Normally, there is a jolly little excursion planned for tourists to experience the Moonkeep route, but that has been shutdown for months now. Outside the walls have been far more dangerous than recent years, I'd be careful if I were you. Travel light and in the light." The bartender smiled with a row of clean whites and tipped his strangely fitted top-heavy. The long whiskers on his face gave hint to his peculiar species, and him twisting them between his fingers was something of a nervous twitch. All the while, the old man still watched her from top to bottom with an unflinching eye, the haze of his drunkenness seemingly drained from his appearance.
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  13. Tobias toasted Kari with his glass, he wished it was a stronger drink, he wanted to state his respect at her being on Corusant and her reflection of the battle. But what did he have in mind? What was the Force telling him? What should he do now? Could he help this girl? Should he? Afterall, he wasn't a Jedi, and she wasn't either. Yet she had come here to try and become part of something larger. Trying to remember what Sarah should have done, he let his eyes close and then let his body sink back into the chair; his mind was racing. "Yes, we shouldn't ever be caught off-guard like that. However, the moon, of all things, decided to kiss Corusant, it's odd don't you think? Ah, regardless." He brushed aside the beginnings of his rambling with a wave of his hand. Taking a deep breath he leveled his eyes at the alien. "I can't suggest anything for you. The Force is telling you something you must do, and you are to follow it- while it is not a precise path you have managed to come here and speak with one of the only people who are with the Jedi Order, but not a part of it. Admittedly, this is not what I wished for when I started on my own path towards my own goals, but here I am. And I am even now given the title of Jedi Master, Leader of the Shadows- and so many others. What I can do is make you an offer to come with me, I don't know where I am going next, but I need people who aren't Jedi- or Jedi that bend the rules a little bit here and there. Depending on how experienced you are- I can use you. Our goals align, and we could teach one another about our respective orders. You, of the Je'daii. And I, and my order. What do you think?"
  14. Frustration crossed the Togruta's face as the man before her spoke. She knew about the chaos of Coruscant and what ensued in its aftermath. She was there. She fought the Mandalorians when they attacked the GA. She was a Lieutenant in its service under Slaughter. But she could also feel and see his own disdain, making her proposition all the more needed. Slaughter was a similar mind, knowing her former position among the Jedi, and yet, had agreed with her that an Ambassador was needed. Accepting the glass, she took a sip, her mind wondering what power he had used to conjure the water as she did. "I see." She spoke, setting the glass back upon the table and crossing her leg over the other as she sat back into her seat, her gaze shifting away. "I was at Coruscant, aiding in its defense under Admiral Slaughter. This is why I've come back to the Jedi offering myself as an Alliance Ambassador. We dont need to get caught off guard like that again. It wouldn't hurt to have a go-between for either faction." But the news of Aryian's death was a serious problem for her plans. The spirits of Tython had told her that he was the key to placing it all together, but if he was indeed dead, it was a major setback. With a deep sigh, she shifted her gaze back toward him, her hand reaching up to massage her aching forehead. "You suggest another path. What do you have in mind?"
  15. ((Bruce Slaughter)) The conclusion of the battle was a terrible sight. Steadfast, her commander having signaled to abandon the ship, was blooming with miniature flares as escape pods and shuttles fled from the ship. The airspace around the Mon Calamari Cruiser developed into a dozen individual dogfights as Alliance starfighters fought to protect their rescue shuttles from Sith and Black Sun raiders. Under the fire of two Sith Kyber-class Star Destroyers and countless strafing starfighters, Steadfast was beginning to break up. Running lights along the hull began to darken and the last few manned batteries spat out a few paltry salvoes against the fleeing Totenkopf in hopes of knocking out its gravity well projector. Her sister ship Fidelity streaked across the front of the Alliance formation to cut off the retreat of the battered Victory II-class Star Destroyers, both flanks delivering a fresh dose of hate against the Star Destroyers on her port and the fleeing ships on her starboard. No sooner than when Fidelity and Chrysaetos, her Majestic-class escort cruiser, cut across the bows of Red Hussar and Silent Spring at point-blank range and leveled their broadsides at the superstructures of the overmatched Star Destroyers, a plaintive transmission for mercy was received by Fidelity. The Admiral was out of contact--the ruin of Steadfast was casting out so much radiation into the void that his shuttle couldn’t respond to hails--but the transmission was responded to in the affirmative. “Received and accepted,” was the terse response from Fidelity’s captain. “Drop shields and follow all instructions from our helm. Any deviation will result in your destruction.” _____ At that moment, Slaughter was shouting into a wired comlink dangling from the ceiling of his command shuttle, as though the venom in his voice could penetrate through terajoules of radiation that was reducing the shuttle’s transmissions to static and obscenities. “Doesn’t matter--dammit, doesn’t matter, make sure that shuttle reaches--reaches Mandate. Just kill that Interdictor and go right through ‘em. She held her fire?” A vein pulsed in the Admiral’s forehead and ugly red blotches began to break out over his face as he silently cursed the unprofessional, unpredictable Jedi. He took a deep breath and looked away from the comlink. When the red haze in his peripheral vision began to recede, the Coruscanti found that the airwaves were much more clear as the shuttle escaped the wreckage of the flagship. “Get Zinthos out. Go wherever the Imps want ‘er. I need to see her face to face.” Muffled by armored bulkheads, he could barely make out the conversation of the shuttle’s pilots--and a shouted curse. The Admiral couldn’t inspect the damage to his flagship, but he could imagine the kind of havoc that had racked Steadfast. All contact had been lost with the forecastle and several magazines had been breached--it was entirely possible that the entire first third of Steadfast had been blasted away and was drifting as a bulbous, burning piece of flotsam. At the moment that he heard the pilots curse, Slaughter knew that Steadfast was gone. Her reactors had gone singularity. For a brief few milliseconds, the primary reactors had overloaded and the sudden influx of hypermatter into the reactor chambers had temporarily given birth to a miniature, shortly-lived black hole. The entire hull of the Mon Calamari cruiser crumpled up visibly--perhaps no more than a meter or two--and deformed under the gargantuan gravitational pressures her own power plants had just generated. Batteries and magazines exploded all throughout the ship in a mass eruption of destabilized nergon-14 charges. Ground assault vehicles and starfighters twisted in her hangars like the toys of a rampaging child tyrant...and then the unstable singularity collapsed. The sudden whiplashes of forces cracked her hull like a corusca gem whose shatterpoints had just been struck. The next major detonation--a turbolaser blast, a torpedo bombardment, would have finished her off. Instead, it was her own engines that finished the job. Still driving the ship forward, they broke free of their cracked housings and drove several meters into the hull of the ship. The resultant chain reaction of explosions blasted Steadfast apart from the inside, starting from her stern, then proceeded to travel throughout the ship until all that remained was a small piece of her forecastle that drifted through the void. Slaughter spent the remainder of the transfer to Kalidor in silence. _____ It was the Imperials who chose the destination of the Galactic Alliance fleet. Still under fire from the Bleeding Kyber, Misericordia re-oriented herself with the kind of terrible grace that only a Star Destroyer was capable of. She transmitted her destination to the remainder of the allied fleets, and then disappeared into hyperspace. After retrieving her K-Wing bombers and ensuring that the Jedi were oriented to escape, the survivors of the Galactic Alliance would follow their retreat. Summary: Steadfast is dead. Some debris is left to be salvaged, but little remains of her. As per OOC conversations, Red Hussar and Silent Spring are captured by the Galactic Alliance. Please correct me if I am misremembering and I will edit this post. Misericordia retreats into hyperspace. The remainder of the Galactic Alliance can be assumed to retreat along with the Jedi.
  16. JEET ULFSBAN'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Jeet Ulfsban A.K.A: N/A Homeworld: Unknown, suspected Corellia, raised on Thalassia Species: Human Physical Description Age: 39 Height: 5'10" Weight: 175 lbs Hair: Black with peppered Grey Eyes: Brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Typical black Kosai attire, similar to Jedi robes but more form fitting and focused on being lightweight, mobile, and stealth-minded coloring. Weapon: Twin lightsabers that can connect and lock at the base of their hilts to form a makeshift staff saber, main hand has a deep purple blade, while the off hand has a bright white blade Common Inventory: Comlink, credits when he has them Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive Alignment: Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: Freelance (Kosai) Current Faction Rank: Jedi Knight equivalent History Force Side: Grey (Light leaning) Trained by: Cairus Rex Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Telekinesis (to include rudimentary forms of barriers), Force movement (Speed/Jump/Cushioned Fall, etc.), familiar with simple mind tricks, finely tuned tracking senses Background: Jeet never knew his parents. He was recovered from a spaceship crash on Thalassia after a pirate attack, his parents dying in the process. While the pirates had left him for dead, a compassionate Thalassian salvager found him shortly thereafter and nursed him back to health, raising him with the rest of their family. Jeet was worked hard during this time, but he learned much about technology and how to work with his hands, experience he now considers invaluable and well worth the pain. When Jeet was a teenager, a strange old man named Cairus Rex came to the settlement his family lived in, identifying himself as a Kosai. While he carried on like a quiet kind of mercenary, he took care of a nearby problem for the village and was paid well despite the rest of the village treating him with disdain. Before Cairus left, he made Jeet an offer, having studied him from afar for the several days he was there. He explained to Jeet that the teenager was special, and he could truly teach the boy to unlock his potential. Sensing the opportunity put before him, and dazzled by the old man's feats, Jeet accepted, reluctantly leaving his family behind to live the life of a Kosai nomad. Years passed, and Jeet completed his training, spending a few more adventures with old Cairus before striking out on his own, selling his services to those who needed them, following the will of the Living Force, establishing balance to the natural order of things. Only two months later, Jeet received word of Cairus's passing, an unfortunate spacefaring accident caused by a malfunctioning navicomputer. While Jeet mourns his master's passing, he accepts it as the will of the Force, and tries to live as he was taught. Ship Registration Name: N/A Class: N/A Model: N/A Manufacturer: N/A Length: N/A Armaments: N/A Armor: N/A Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A Modifications: N/A Appearance: N/A
  17. Arachnakorr. The Glass Worldcraft of Afterlife The mobile world-craft is wrapped heart and soul with many immeasurable translucent beams; it would appear as if the entire habitation sphere is enveloped with massive crystallized webs that bury themselves into the far depths of the soil and shoot upwards into the high skies. Their purpose isn’t wholly understood, but everywhere you turn there are tangles of them far and wide unless you are above the barren Halls. Each and every structure within Arachnakorr is built with what seems to be a solid bone white stone and carved into all kinds of aesthetic but practical builds, except the House of the Laughing Corpse which burrows beneath the surface of the planet. Inside of Arachnakorr, you will find no end of the exquisite symmetries of buildings, deep jungles reminiscent of the Demon Moon Dxun and grand oceans either frozen over whole or with rapid tides that cover the body of the planet. In District 3, or any of the lands cultivated for folk to roam, you will find an overabundance of behemoth-sized trees that spawn only the liveliest of pink blooms. The glass world-craft holds possession of it’s atmosphere by way of a powerful force-field while hidden grav-field plates sustains the standard gravity. The core of Arachnakorr is a monstrous reactor that powers hyper-drive engines and a functional tractor beam. Glass cobwebs, forest flushes of fuhscia, meshworks of artistic white bone, unpolluted cerulean blue skies and ocean-water to match; a divine and fascinating dream of a planet, but there is always a nightmarish howl that never escapes the wind, a howl that loosens from the belly of Arachnakorr. Overview (E M B R Y O // D I S T R I C T 3) ; Within what most would consider the capital of the worldcraft, Embryo fulfills it's namesake due to what lies beneath the many mountains it sits on that are chained together by beautiful and vast bridges. There are several highly sophisticated umbrella cloning facilities littered throughout the district, all commonplace among the locals. Different cultures and people from all around the galaxies are invested here, but only the richest of the bunch that are able to afford and maintain the upscale society. Planets, animals, minerals and exotic elements from all ends of life are found or replicated here which allows an extreme convenience to remain solely on this planet, for the coming and going is excessively monitored and restricted. Embryo is the only known civilized section of the small worldcraft and to venture too far from the known is considered suicide. The Vermillion Covenant oversees all in tow with the Artificial Intelligence known as Ghost, meaning policing and governing as a whole; what's kept sacred is the large synthesized (strangely 'alien') sacs that are hung like eggs on the outskirts of Embryo as well as buried beneath the mountains. Here in the city, the common people understand the truest philosophies of the Sith Order and praise them as Gods. The common-folk are empowered by their idols and inherit their strengths by challenging themselves outside of the civilized land against the dangerous beasts that are spawned for sport. Gone are the days of Sith with meaningless agendas because on this planet it is known that with power there is a renewed and infallible focus that must serve an ultimate purpose. Embryo is the heartbeat of the worldcraft, but for those strong enough, the Halls is where the soul feeds. (H A L L S O F T H E L A U G H I N G C O R P S E) ; Situated at the most Northern Apex of the Worldcraft. Far removed from the rest of the planet The Halls of the Laughing Corpse is a giant superstructure that is built into Arachnakorr at it's most northern apex. Travel by air is the most common method of arrival but the harrowing winds do make the trip a bit tricky. Not much is known about what remains inside this massive gateway into the depths of the world but there are rumors within Embryo that keep the children awake at night. The exalted Sith have been known to frequent the round-trip there but it comes as no surprise when those that travel there come back in fewer pieces than when they left. Still, the Halls are an impression of fear and uncertainty and only the brave and the power-hungry hunt there. (P A N T H E O N ; S I T H S A N C T U A R Y) ; Hidden Temple of the Sith Order One more place of prominence is The Pantheon. The location is unknown to the common people, and furthermore, the existence of it is unheard of by most. This sanctuary of the Sith is emphatically different than the traditional mundane temple that the Order is used too. The Dark Side of the force is said to have hatched an uncontrollable and violent spirit here, sowing this land with a power so overwhelmingly intoxicating. Upon arrival, one who dwells within the dark side of the force is invigorated wholly. You are first met with enormous pillars that surround a mammoth sphere built from a mysterious alloy. You can hear the voices of the Old Masters whispering a language of power to your very veins. You can enter the sphere at your own risk, or allow the concealed lift to descend and give you access to one of the most supreme temples of the Sith Order. ─────────── ORIGINAL POST : 12 / 9 / 2016 The Vermillion Function Simulacra Osiris 09.04.20XX ─────────── Dark Lord Exodus, Allfather of the Assassins The Sith Order : Assassin Branch Arachnakorr Status: Mobile Proximity - Umbara INTENT; Amass Control, Cultivate Power, and Extract Information for the Sith Empire I. An EMPOWERING hunting ground for only the most powerful and ambitious Sith. [Trials, Competition, Hunts, Etc]. The Glass Worldcraft Arachnakorr is a hidden and mobile world, only accessible by invitation and guidance. Malacoda Syn (Exodus) is sovereign to the planet. The creation of this world was made with the mind to push his Sith brethren to the brink and expose their true potential through means that will sharpen them beyond any measure. II. Establishing a controlled network function of Assassinations and Hunts (bounties) by way of genetic tracing and Sith Alchemy through Cloning systems. III. A restructured use of the cloning systems. The core AI and Vermillions will control these technologies. This can enable temporary disabilities or soft-resets to any and every character that succumbs to fatalities allowing character development and growth/depth. IV. A harbor for investment and high global income. Miscellaneous + Arachnakorr - The Glass Worldcraft Arachnakorr is a hidden and mobile world, only accessible by invitation and guidance. Malacoda Syn (Exodus) is sovereign to the planet. The creation of this world was made with the mind to push his Sith brethren to the brink and expose their true potential through means that will sharpen them beyond any measure. + Umbaran Necropolis - It is known by the Umbaran people that when the Dark Lord of the Sith Exodus buried himself alive inside of an outreach catacomb for a solid decade, that his technological advancements would progress under rule of a chosen three and the covert militia he had built. + The Artificial Intelligence: Ghost, a raw manifestation of the psyche of Master Exodus (but holds a vastly different 'personality' and appearance) , developed and evolved into an artificial intelligence who controls and governs the beautiful graveyard world Arachnakorr. The advanced AI is hard programmed into the core of the entire worldcraft, and is everywhere and nowhere all at once. + The Vermillion Covenant
  18. As both fleets further separated, the only combat left was from the occasional overly brave or fool hearty fighter pilots tangling with stragglers. For the most part, both fleets had pulled back and away from each other and were licking their wounds while keeping close eyes on each other. Adenna was happy to let them do that while the Allies collected their escape pods and consolidated the surrendered Victory Star Destroyer. Commodore Neldis offered Jedi marines and crew support to the Galactic Alliance if needed, but otherwise he left the situation in their hands. As much as she would like to have given Tobias more attention, as soon as she was made aware of Empress Zinthos' condition, Adenna left the bridge and rushed down to the medical bay. There were other wounded there, but the worst was the target of their expedition. Doctors and medical droids had already started their work, but it would not be sufficient to restore the Empress to anything more than a broken husk without further assistance. Adenna directed a standing chair be brought to the bedside at Raven's head and began drawing upon the Force. Placing her hands gently on Raven's head, she began channeling healing energies to the broken woman. While she wasn't the greatest of all Jedi healers, Adenna was not without her skills, though this would take her abilities to their limits. With so much skin missing and having been thoroughly tortured both physically and emotionally, Adenna wasn't sure how much of the old Empress could be saved, but she was going to try as much as possible to accomplish that task. * * * As soon as all of the Allied escape pods and shuttles were retrieved and salvageable ships readied, Jedi forces began to form up to make the jump to hyperspace. While the Jedi forces weren't dawdling, they weren't willing to leave their companions behind while the Sith fleet remained at a distance. Despite the Sith's inactivity, most of the crews didn't feel like testing them and wanted to withdraw as soon as possible. Not wanting to leave their allies vulnerable, Commodore Neldis informed Admiral Slaughter that the Jedi would remain until the Galactic Alliance was ready to withdraw. ((There may be some duels going on, but for the sake of getting things moving, they will be kinda in a bubble and the winners/survivors can evacuate with their selected fleet))
  19. And for a moment, he anchored himself. It was not for lack of understanding that she questioned the morality of things, but rather, a desire to express her freedom from such confines. And boy did she express it. Exodus led the pace as the words and emotions escaped her, orations that weaved a brilliant visualization of who she was and who she wished to be in this worn and wearied universe. Unavoidable was the consistent thrum of armored boots that echoed into steel from all around them, swarming troopers like the wolves that Nyrys spoke of, was menacing for the workforce of the Scarab that watched from afar. “You know, typical girl stuff.” Exodus could not readily discern her humor, but the anchor loosened as the rest of the guard held their breath, and Exodus sneered distractedly. He let out an amorous laugh, that was, for once, not mired in underlying tones of murder or devious machinations. He genuinely laughed. Such behavior from an Anzati Warlord, a King of the most Heinous, was not a common thing to be seen. Yet, the promising Sith before him unveiled a characteristic unseen from the masses he has ruled over, unashamed transparency. The toothy grin of the Sith Reaper widened as her truest ambitions, or at least the ones that she chose to reveal, had come to surface. "That is a high mountain that you're asking to climb, Lady Nyrys—" One of the twelve Sith Troopers stepped forward curiously on queue, and as if the timing could not be more precise, he placed a spherical transmitter between his King and the company he kept. An image immediately bloomed from the disposed object, and a familiar individual came to life. The ordained Blood Prince had reached out at last. The warmth drained from the face of the Dark King, and he listened intently to the appeal of the Black Sun Syndicate. The unsatisfactory management of their hostage situation, the risk that they took on and were ill-prepared for. The blanketed loss of their command structure, and operational integrity, and now the consolidation of their assets and clearance into the dominant Sith Empire. These were tall orders that the Spider knew in his mind would come, and had planned for long before the birth of this event. However, Lady Nyrys was present at a time that could not be believed as coincidental. Exodus did not break his study of the digitized accomplice, nor did he answer immediately. "I was beginning to think you had lost your voice, Prince." Forgiveness was of no value to the Spider, and sharing such compassion would never fall from his mouth. Gratitude held more weight here, for the mercy of the Sith Empire could be swift or forever absent henceforth. Be that as it may, these were small vanities in this war. The King of the Sith knew that his Empire had far more acquisitions behind the curtains, by being the hand of grace in this foolish campaign. "I assume the two of you are well acquainted." Exodus flashed a knowing look towards the two, "..What would be your judgment?" Nyrys would feel the eyes of Exodus on her, anticipating the revelry of her mind.
  20. He sighed... "Interesting theory and all that. I was thinking if you pull some from each side into another aspect of the Force it would tip the scales in another direction. But as far as your idea of becoming an ambassador I'm afraid its not as simple as that..." Grimacing, as if he didn't even want to hear the words spoken out loud, he decided to just come out and say it. "The Alliance is in shambles and have more immediate concerns on their mind, so do the Imperials, and the Jedi as well. The past few months have been hard on the beings in this galaxy. All the ships above us are full of people we just pulled off Corusant, where a moon just scratched the planet. It's chaos there. The head of state for the Imperials is also missing, for the moment. The new Grandmaster of the Jedi is... brand new. The previous one died on Corusant saving people..." He trailed off, the expression on his face growing harder, "And I don't think Aryian is alive anymore. I could be wrong, but I think he was killed during the Battle of Onderon. I know he was captured by the Sith there, but I think he's one with the Force now... I'm sorry to tell you all this..." Tobias was getting a little thirsty, so he decided to point at the table in-between the pair talking and snapped his fingers once, closed his eyes, twice, opened them, and the third time there was a sharp 'pop' from the little table, and a pitcher of water with two glasses appeared. He leaned forward and poured himself a glass of water, then filled the other, then filled another, then set it on the table. Taking his seat back, he gestured to the glass for Kari to take it if she wanted. "But...the Force led you here. This is one of those instances where the Force mandates you taking a different path now."
  21. She chuckled. He was actually quite the funny man. But the scales had been tipped enough, and while she could not divine the Force's will, she still followed it as it presented its self. Some could say that she and the Je'daii should remain as merely observers, finally allow the Jedi and Sith Orders to destroy themselves within their age old war, once that should have never been. But that notion didn't sit well with her, the possibility of the scales becoming even more tipped, possibly forever. No. The Force, just as her Masters, felt this to be best course of actions. "Adding more aspects would only worsen the problem, as some view my own philosophy to be false despite it birthing the very philosophy that both Orders follow." She spoke with a saddened smile. "No. My only hope, our only hope, lies in the course that I have been pulled toward. The Force beckons me to aid the Galactic Aliance and become an Ambassador between the Jedi and Alliance so that both can pull together as one when the time comes. Until then, I will play my part and follow the Force's will." "Once I leave here," She added, "I must seek out the grey Jedi known as Aryian Darkfire."
  22. The fight had taken more out of him then thought it would, however he also realized that while his injury would not cost him his life or combat effectiveness, others might. This presented an interesting opportunity. He made his way to the medical bay aboard the vessel. While using the force to hold a wound closed would not be hard, his mind was so a buzz with plans that he was occasionally losing focus. No matter if his plan was set in motion his research would advance by leaps and bounds in a short time. This should please his master, maybe he could even use this opportunity to make her a guardian or servant. Upon reaching the medical bay he was not dissapointed. The bay was full of the injured and the dieing. While some of them were not in bad condition there were the others that would most likely live but never fight again. At least not how they are now. After allowing a medical tech to clean and seal his wound he began to look over the injured in the bay. A plan began to formulate, and it was so simple he was hoping he was not over estimating the soldiers loyalty. Looking over his options he chose his first target. A young soldier that looked like he was going to be loosing at least two of his limbs and some of his lower intestine. "Soldier, you have done well. I am sorry for the loss of your limbs and the injuries you have suffered. However I have come to offer you a chance to not only fight on but to become something greater. Something that will protect the Sith and the order of the universe. You will be stronger, faster, and smarter then you are now and will help us to bring about an age of true freedome and knowledge. If you agree I will have you transfered to the medical bay on my Masters ship, there you will recieve the best care available and be made into a warrior that far surpasses your current expectations." Leaving the soldier to mull over his words he began the process of going around to more and more soldiers. His goal was to get at least 6 that would agree and was pleasantly surprised when more indicated interest. It was a beautiful thing to witness, soon he would turn these broken and dieing soldiers into true warriors for the Sith.
  23. Imperceptibly, he tensed. She had been at Gala as the temple fell. That was so long ago, those memories were bit of the Tobias today. So all she wanted to do was tip things back to balance... he had his own thoughts on that subject as well, but the most sensible way to balance the Force was also unthinkable. “It’s true, the Force is out of balance at the moment. What way would you choose to balance the dark and light?” He chuckled, “What if you introduced another aspect into the mix- forcing each to donate energy to this third movement? Perhaps not even just three, maybe several different movements to balance the scales.” ”Let’s table that conversation for now. Your goals are clear, but what do you wish to accomplish here, right now, Je'daii Ranger Kari?”
  24. Kari stared at the man attentively as he spoke, his words confusing and gibberish at first until she opened her mind the words between the lines. She smiled. "I see." She stated with her own coy smile as she leaned back in the chair, placing her hands upon her legs. "Then you are a kindred spirit, walking outside the mass philosophy that are the Jedi and Sith Orders, outside Ashla and Bogan, a path between that few can truly walk." There were many Orders like her own whom were made of a singular race, so her attempt to think of the one he belonged to would have been simply a guess, something she rarely chose to do, so she would leave that revelation to his own decision. But as she sat back up, she felt it was time to answer his question. "There aren't such things in truth, just the guiding hands of the Force's Will placing puzzle pieces at the opportune time as the bigger picture unfolds." Her gaze shifts behind him through the shaded viewport into the crowded barrage of dislocated refugees. "But even then, there is no guarantee that they have been divined correctly. What one reads as one, another reads differently." Her gaze shifts back to him, her eyes saddened and yet stern as she sighs deeply. "Which brings me here. When I fled the Jedi Order after nearly destroying the temple at Gala, I was broken. I have lived two lifetimes as a Jedi Padawan, both times betrayed by my Master, one of lust over me and the other lusting over power and trickery. And it was the spirits of Tython who repaired the damage of my broken soul, teaching me to be a servant of the Force and teaching me to follow it's natural will." Kari remained silent for a moment, collecting her thoughts and allowing her spoken words to settle upon the mind of Tobias before her. Then, with hesitate, she continued. "Normally, we Je'daii would refrain from this conflict between the Jedi and Sith Orders, preferring to remain in balance with the Force and with Tython. But this new Sith Empire that has risen has shifted the Balance within the Galaxy and I was sent to aid the last remaining beacon of what balance remained in the organization known as the Galactic Alliance when Coruscant happened at the hands of my former Master. Through him, and the Empire that has emerged behind him, the natural balance of the Force has been tipped and only Chaos remains." "Unless I am forced to fight, I will remain neutral in the upcoming battles, following only the will of the Force." Kari spoke, the hesitancy of her words echoing loudly. "But I, as well as the spirits of Tython, feel that by my working along side the Jedi Order and what remains of the Galactic Alliance, perhaps the scales of Balance can be tipped back into place."
  25. Tobias smiled, broadly. She had a back bone, and was blunt. A point for her, indeed. Lips parted, showing his smile, his pleasure with this conversation showing. A Je'daii, oh? How interesting. And she thinks me a Jedi, well...well... "You? You're wondering about me?" He guffawed, mockingly, pressing his hand to his chest. Of course, it was all jokingly over done. "So you're a Je'daii Ranger? Interesting..." he scratched his chin scruff with a skeptical expression on his face. "I've met a few Rangers in my time, they've never been anyone's favorite bunch. Walking the line between Ashla and Bogan. But, something is wrong- I do not recall you belonging to my order, and I would know- I am the only Kiffar among them and they are all of the same race. However, you do not know what path I have walked, but you speculate. Interesting for a Ranger, who has not confirmed anything... A question, if you will,, please tell me what you, as a Je'daii Ranger, think about prophecy, visions, and destiny?" Tobias was eager to hear what Kari had to say. This was all a test though, making sure the girl was who she said she was. Double checking if she actually believed the Je'daii tenets or if she was just getting a cool name and label.
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  27. Zalis found herself walking down a fairly grand staircase into the University, Ov Taraba and all its grandeur. There were games of Hintaro, Binspo, Sabacc and Swoop racing videos all as the main focus. Even as she walked down the staircase, she took in all of the beauty that the place held, black and white marble stones for the floor. The sheer beauty of everything was well worth noting for any future projects that she would have Black Sun undertake. Upon letting her foot hit the main floor, she very confidently walked past a server who was carrying a tray of some form of champagne and took a glass off of it and moved towards the main hall where dinner tables were placed for guest to sit and eat. As she moved herself into the room, if only to draw the attention of others to her, she was suddenly touched on her shoulder ever so slightly. As she turned to see who it was, the voice that spoke made her recognize who it was without any question. “You know, when they say it’s a black and white party, people tend to dress that way and not wear something that’s black, red and gold.” Zalis was already smiling when she met the face of Kyllan. His smooth face with dark black eyes and soft and wavy brown hair made her beam with true joy. “You know me Ky, I always go for the eyes.” Kyllan’s face began to show his own smile in return as he placed his hand back at his side, while he used his other hand to direct Zalis towards a tall standing dining table. “You know, that last time I saw you, we were on Ahakista in the Daystar. You made me a mark.” Zalis took a sip of her drink before putting it down. “I made everyone a mark back then Ky. It’s just how I operated back then. If I recall… You sold me out to the authorities for… what was it again?... a Kyber crystal?” The statement drew a chuckle from Kyllan. “Yeah, we had a weird relationship back then. Part of me was jealous that security go to search and feel you up before I ever did. But hey, clearly, you’ve moved up in the world. The head of Black Sun I hear?” The feelings on reminiscing upon their prior relationship was beginning to stir with Kyllan. Zalis made a mental note of it before turning her head back towards her drink. “Yeah. It’s been a very long journey for me. Rough at times, even rougher now. But I feel as if the winds are about to fully change in my favor.” Kyllan raised an eyebrow at Zalis in sheer amusement. “Favor isn’t there yet. Dark Sun station is currently under attack my dear.” Zalis rolled her eyes at the very mention of that fact. She was getting tired of hearing it. The last thing she wanted was to hear about how things were going on a station that was begging to be hit- but no one knew that outside of her. It was her well-guarded secret that such a disaster was supposed to strike Dark Sun. Letting out a very annoyed breath, she lifted her eyes towards Kyllan. “I’m surprised you even care about it.” There was a look of displeasure suddenly on Kyllan. “I own Incom Corporation and Incom-FreiTek now…” Zalis slowly closed her eyes and let out an exhale as she understood now. “Both of which have large sums of credits at the station…” Zalis shifted slightly, but not in an uncomfortable way, but rather to a stance of annoyance. “Oh well. That’s a loss for you then I guess.” The very response drew a confused look from Kyllan. “How does it not affect you?” Zalis turned to face Kyllan directly. “The station isn’t owned by Black Sun, if only through a single connection point- it’s owned by me. The finical impact it has on me and my company are, well, almost nothing. The loss is solely upon the companies who had funds there.” She now turned herself back around to rest her back against the table as she had been doing before. “Contract wise, in the agreement signed, such a loss to funds in this manner are not covered by Dark Sun. We cover disaster or brought on damages from within our company. And since the station is being attacked by X-wings created by your company, it creates a complicated situation of conflict of interests. And the other companies present like HyperTech and HealthiDrive also have suppliers present during the fight… Those funds lost fall upon the companies themselves. So making up those funds come through your companies having to charge more for your products.” Zalis offered up a smile and a wink right before she took a drink. Even as she did, Kyllan’s face began to fully process it. She could tell that he was beginning to understand the move she had made. As she put the drink down, his own words came out of his mouth very slowly. “So… That was your move. To make something so grand and appealing for companies to be a part of, knowing very well that the side nature of your other company would draw fire to it… but there has to be a bigger picture. I know you well enough to know that there is always a bigger picture.” With a soft smile still upon her face, Zalis offered up a quiet response. “Oh, you have no idea of how big the picture is. But yes. There is more to it than that. I know that some companies upon finding out will simply stop supplying the attacking forces. Because of which, the easiest ways to gain such resources now fall upon the black market or with Czerka… of which I also own…” “So your end game in this is to drive up your own funds. It’s literally a win-win for you.”
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  29. Kari chuckled light heartedly as she moved into the room, her gaze falling upon Tobias as her thoughts fell back toward her past as a Jedi Padawan and for a brief moment, a flicker of anger can be seen within them. Still she proceeded and took a seat across from him. "Forgive me. Let's just say that manners weren't exactly my Master's strongest suit and he wasn't too keen on teaching them." Shifting the weight of her tendrils and lekku, her Togruta headdress jingling with the shake, Kari placed her hands upon the table and intertwined her fingers. "I am Kari Koi, a former Padawan of your Order." She spoke with some regret, her gaze shifting to the Je'daii Ranger emblem upon her coat. "But my teachings of the Force led me along another path." Her gaze shifted back to him. "And now I stand before you as a member of the Je'daii Order." She was curious about this man before her, her eyes lit with her curiosity as she gauged him. He was not like Dashel or Aryian, the two who attempted to save her when Lusef broke her mind and left her no more than a ticking timebomb. His spirit felt akin to her own, which puzzled her. "And yes, you do possess the appearence of a Jedi Master, yet your presence speaks more akin to my own, leaving me to wonder about you."
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