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  2. Hey nerds! I am so glad that I randomly thought of this website today haha
  3. “Alright, I guess it is a little simpler” he turned to see the imperial officer walking away and sighed. He turned back towards Mythos to see that he was leaving, he quickly shuffled up behind him “so exactly will we be doing other than the evacuation?” He glanced up at the brute and then he peered around at the people, his eyes constantly scanning people. He’s had a sharp eye since he was young, so it’s easy to say he notices what others cannot.
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  5. Nia was shocked at Beth's reaction, shrinking away as she spoke to Mjan. She wasn't a confrontational woman, and they'd seemed to have touched a nerve. Some of what the Imperial said held water, but Nia couldn't help but wonder at the venom in the pilot's voice as she spoke. Perhaps this alliance wasn't as harmonious as the leaders wanted to believe. When Beth spoke to her, Nia found her hands fidgeting again. "My apologies, Lieutenant. I didn't intend to offend you." she said quietly, her fears realized as she realized her question had landed her in hot water with the other woman. She could feel herself blushing, though whether that was due to shame or embarrassment, or both, she couldn't tell. She nodded at her Master's suggestion, meekly following Beth into their quarters. She didn't have much, herself. She'd brought nothing with her aside from a single change of clothes, which had been left in the temple on Felucia, and her father's lightsaber, which sat snugly in her robes. She sat on her bed, closing her eyes, intending to meditate, but she opened them at Beth's question. Whatever anger she'd seemed to have possessed a moment ago seemed to have passed. Nia hesitated before she spoke, picking her words carefully. "I am from Glee Ansem. My mother is in politics, and I came here to begin my training as a Jedi." She didn't elaborate. It was... strange, to be talking about herself like this, in casual conversation. "Where are you from?" she asked, her curiosity and need to know slowly overcoming her nervousness. Beth seemed human, or close to it. She knew humans had many offshoots, considered 'near-humans', but they were scattered across the galaxy. She could be from anywhere, from any walk of life. It intrigued the Jedi.
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    To be honest, Mjan was taken aback by Beth's outburst. He wasn't sure how the Empire did things, but during his time training under Aira and as short life a pilot, this has been everything he knew. Even after the Battle of Dark Sun Station, Captain Rose always slept alone, usually in her fighter. "Its not that we segregate Commander." Mjan spoke, his gaze shifting to young Nia briefly before turning back to Beth. "As a Jedi, we must separate ourselves from any and all attachments. There is a strong bond formed between Master and Padawan, and given the case with Nia and myself, it could be develop into mixed feelings for either of us. So the Order suggests separate quarters." That, and in truth, with Nia being his first Padawan and her level of innocence, he felt it best to allow her to have some privacy. He didnt want or need her distracted during training with worries of it being invaded. In this regard, he planned to bunk with his fellow male compatriots while allowing Beth and Nia the comforts of an all female refresher. Thankfully, when they arrived aboard the Maelstrom, Mjan was relieved that the higher-ups had thought of this beforehand, actually segregating the crew in general. "Forgive me Beth. I meant no disrespect nor insinuation..." Mjan began to speak, hoping to calm the young Commander down despite Captain Rose' gossip mill. "Although my Captain surely would." A hand slapped the back of his head as Captain Rose passed by and heard what he said, a glare of death being recieved by Mjan as her gaze pierced his soul. "I was merely requesting to respect our general differences during moments of privacy." Not sure if his words had done any good to quell Beth, Mjan turned to Nia. "Join the others in your section of the Barracks and meet me in the Hangar Bay once you've settled in. I'll meet you there around 0300 and we'll talk more." Turning back to Beth, Mjan extended the invitation. "You're welcome to join as well Beth. I may need your insight, or you can just watch to pass the time." And with that Mjan excused himself as Nia and Beth went toward their opposing barracks. It wouldnt take long. Mjan rarely carried anything but what he needed, so there was no need for unpacking. But he did take the few minutes to hit the refresher, his robes full fuel oders and sweat. Once he finished, he threw on a fresh change of clothes and headed toward the Hangar Bay, arriving just a few moments before the intended meeting time. Taking the spare time, Mjan walked about and examined its interior, asking questions about a simulator being aboard.
  7. Shaken and egos bruised, the two quickly let go of their pistols and took off, briefly holding their retreat to grab their fallen comrade before they took off completely. Mythos grimaced and toss the blasters aside, his gaze shifting toward the two that remained. He nodded his head in response of the Imperial Officer removing his helm, the Shistavanen's long tongue licking his maw as he shifted his gaze one last time to ensure the trio had disappeared completely before approaching Briggs and the Imperial Officer. "Trouble in Paradise, I take it?" Mythos spoke, his voice knarled and low, pointing in the direction that the three offenders had taken. "I was just on my way to the Mission to see if any new recruits were capable of the task before I headed back." He spoke, while in truth, Mythos trusted newer recruits even less far than even Imperial Soldiers, but as he gazed upon this one beside the Officer, he grew intrigued. He was quick on the draw, it seemed, but so was Mythos himself all those years ago when he first joined the Galactic Alliance Marshals. Perhaps with a little training and education, he could be shaped well for this new Rebel Alliance that was being forged. "Seems fate decided to do the work for us." Mythos's gaze shifted toward the new recruit, his face never moving as the scarred eye peered toward the new recruit. "Indeed. Had this been only a few months ago, I wouldn't have lifted a singular finger to help either of you or anyone affiliated with Imperials. But that was then and this is now, and I'm sure the officer here would likely agree had it been you and I." Mythos' tone was strict and informative. he may have liked the man's character, but it didn't mean that he would go easy on the lad. This was war that was brewing across the Galaxy, and coddling would only end in death. "I would say the mission was a simple one, but there is nothing simple about war. But fortunately it seems an easy enough task to get your boots wet. Be thankful. We could be facing Sith rather than a the simpler task of evacuating Anaxes." And with that said, Mythos turned and started walking toward the starport. It was time he reported in upon the Montjoire. Briggs was welcome to catch up if wasn't already on Mythos' heels. After all, Mythos wasn't one for words, and especially today of all days with that haunting dream still weighing upon his mind.
  8. STATE OF THE GALAXY for the JediRP Decades of warfare and nearly endless carnage following the destruction of the Second Death Star over Endor cumulated in the fleets of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic along with their respective Sith and Jedi converging on a hidden, partially completed and damaged Death Star long abandoned in deep space. That massive battle was so bloody that, despite ending in a stalemate, all sides were exhausted of fighting and came together to discuss alternatives to the status quo. The result was the formation of the Galactic Alliance: a Galaxy spanning government headquartered on Coruscant but made up of planets and regions from both sides. A blanket amnesty was issued for all who fought in the previous wars and all were allowed to start with a clean slate. The massive navies and armies on both sides that had survived the war were largely disbanded in favor of a small centralized and officially neutral Galactic Alliance peacekeeping force. For several years, the Galaxy was able to maintain an unsteady peace under the eyes of the Galactic Alliance. Despite an attempt to completely end the Force by the Sith Master Faust that saw even the Jedi and Sith fight side by side, there were no major wars or conflicts during that time. Despite the outward peace, there was still strife and conflict brewing beneath the surface. The criminal organization Black Sun was chafing under the rules and regulations of the Galactic Alliance and frequently resorted to overt criminality and terrorism sparking the ire of CoreSec, the law enforcement agency of the Galactic Alliance. Conflicts between those two organizations eventually drew in both Jedi interested in keeping the peace and Sith interested in power and carnage. The constant skirmishes and seeming ease in which Black Sun operated only further revealed the weakness of the Galactic Alliance which caused many member planets to lose faith in the central government. On the edges of the Galaxy, the Sith began to experience a new Dark Age of power and strength as the Dark Lord Exodus rose to power. Slowly and deliberately, he took control of the Sith and purged those who refused to yield to his authority. He managed to reign in the self destructive tendencies that marked the Sith's traditional society and directed those energies to building a powerful war machine: something that went against Galactic Alliance laws. To further boost their number and resources, the Sith allied with Black Sun, creating the Axis and adding criminal organization's monies and manpower to the Sith's. Though there was some alarm at this Sith rise, little action was done due to corruption, ineptitude, and deliberate internal sabotage. Seeing the weakness of the theoretically democratic society of the Galactic Alliance and becoming increasingly alarmed at the rise of the Sith, Imperial Remnant Head of State Raven Zinthos declared independence from the Galactic Alliance taking most of the former Imperial worlds with her. She began preparing for war, but faced an uphill climb to catch up with the Sith. Though they were no longer a part of the Galactic Alliance, the Imperial Remnant maintained a nominal peace with them and the Jedi Order. After the formation of the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi Order saw a chance at peace at long last. Its bloodied and war wary leaders took the opportunity to guide the Jedi away from war and to a more peaceful, introspective route that they believed were closer in line with traditional Jedi values. They felt that Jedi had been fighting a war for so long they had began to lose their way and slide toward the dark side. Despite signs of escalating war, the Jedi attempted to prolong the peace and worked tirelessly to prop up the fragile Galactic Alliance while preventing their number from actively confronting the Sith. This created discontent within the Jedi Order as some wanted to directly and violently oppose the Sith and other rising evils within the Galaxy. Leadership within the Jedi Order changed hands multiple times creating instability and discord that finally drove hundreds of their number out of the Order and into the newly independent Imperial Remnant. These Jedi and other Force users formed the Imperial Knights and adopted a set of stringent codes that helped them navigate the more martial side of their Order while preventing themselves from falling to the dark side. Sensing the time was right, Dark Lord Exodus led the Sith on a strike to take Onderon, a traditional Sith friendly planet. Through both manipulation and genuine support, the people of Onderon rose up against the Galactic Alliance and sided with the Sith fleet that appeared above their planet. With fairly little bloodshed or effort, the Sith took Onderon, named it the capital of their new Sith Empire, and began a war of conquest to take over the Galaxy. On Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance Senate was in shock at this move and immediately condemned it. Rallying their own forces and a small Jedi fleet, they launched a hasty and poorly coordinated attempt to retake Onderon. The Sith and their Black Sun Axis were waiting and inflicted serious casualties on the attacking force before driving them off. Over the next several months, the Sith began launching small raids and attacks against the ill prepared Galactic Alliance and their Jedi allies, slowly gaining more and more territory. The Imperial Remnant began waging their own war against the Black Sun and other criminal organizations. After taking Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa, the Remnant focused on liberating Kashyyyk from the Axis powers. Head of State Zinthos was proclaimed Empress Zinthos as the Remnant struggled to rally as many as they could to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the Sith. Despite their initial victories, they soon drew the attention of the Sith Empire which began a campaign for Kuat. In a brutal battle the likes of which the Galaxy hadn't seen since the old Imperial/New Republic Wars, most of the Remnant fleet was destroyed by the Axis and the shipyard planet was taken by the Sith and their Empress captured. With the Galactic Alliance's attention focused on the Sith Empire, there was little energy directed at Mandalorian space. From the ashes of a Mandalorian civil war rose a new Mandalore and a new Crusader army. This bloodthirsty band of warriors quickly built a fleet and rose an army to march into the Galaxy. With little warning, these Crusaders began raiding and pillaging, leaving few survivors in their wake. At this point, Coruscant suffered two major catastrophes. The first was the attempt by Sith Master Faust to once again destroy the planet by pulling down one of its moons. This effort was staved off by the combined effort of the Jedi Order's most powerful members, but not without a heavy cost. The moon grazed the outer atmosphere of the planet causing immeasurable damage to the surface and killing hundreds of billions. To make matters worse, before the planet could even begin recovering, the Mandalorian Crusaders emerged from hyperspace and began a devastating assault on the planet. The Galactic Alliance and the Jedi forces were routed and forced to flee to Borleias. There, they were joined by survivors of the Imperial Remnant's fleet fresh from their crushing defeat over Kuat. The Galactic Alliance Senate was nearly entirely wiped out on Coruscant leaving Admiral Slaughter in de facto command of its forces. In the Jedi Order, leadership was so decimated and shattered that the mantle of Grandmaster fell upon a mere Jedi Knight, Adenna Alluyen. She immediately reversed the direction of the Jedi and directed them towards a more confrontational stance to actively fight the rising evil of the Sith. Together, these three groups formed an Alliance for the sake of survival even while continuing to take losses from the Sith and Mandalorian Crusaders. The first step of the stunned Allies was to free the captured Empress Zinthos. Intelligence led them to Dark Sun Station: a Black Sun controlled bank in the middle of deep space. Scouts reported the majority of the Black Sun's fleet there, stuck without support from their Sith allies. Hoping to strike a blow that would destroy the criminal organization, the Allies brought all of the forces they had amassed at Borleias and launched an attack on the Black Sun fleet. This proved to be a dangerous choice as the delay in rallying additional forces allowed the Sith to spring a counterattack against them. Though the Empress was freed, the ensuing battle saw the devastation of Black Sun's fleet, but also severe losses among the Allies. After fleeing Dark Sun Station, the Allies regrouped at Nar Shaddaa and formally created the Rebel Alliance. The Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant merged entirely into one temporary government while the Jedi Order extended an offer for the Imperial Knights to rejoin the Order as an autonomous entity. During that time, the Sith under Dark Lord Exodus arrived in force over the shattered Coruscant and began crushing surviving Crusaders and establishing a semblance of order on the chaos. Currently, both sides are consolidating their positions and preparing for a new round of warfare. The Rebels are building small bases and launching raids against the Sith who are attempting to quell resistance in their newly conquered territory.
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  10. Sandy nodded at Aidan, then bowed to his mother. She did not know what was next in store for them in this quest, but she had little doubt that the mother-son bond would be easily broken. It was magnificent to see Aidan grow and for the love for his mother and parents actually begin to shine a little around the edges of his normally brusque personality. "Thanks for teaching me Aidan, it means a lot." She put the blaster rifle back into its case and pushed the magazines into their little slots before she turned and bowed to Kel Koon her apprentice that had showed up with Tobias Vos of all people in tow. Was that the catch? Was this really the crew sent to find the old Jedi training ship? The man who she had loved much alike a father who she had publicly denounced in front of everyone he cared about? Social and personal crimes were a harsh display of Karma. She looked around furtively and found that his ship was also here, waiting to be boarded. First she addressed her padawan, then she would address her old master. “You have done well Kel, your trials await you on this mission. Are you ready? All packed?” She took a deep breath and swallowed her pride. He had saved her life after all. And it was best that she make the first move. “Master Vos!” She let an actual smile cross her lips. “I am so happy to see you as part of this mission! I may have spoken too harshly in front of the council.” She looked back to Aidan and introduced the two of them. “This is Aidan Darkfire of the Imperial Knights, and Aidan this is Tobias Vos, my old master.” She looked at the extended boarding ramp. “I think we have much to discuss, but the comm was most urgent!” ((Lets carry on these convos in space as we make for Gala))
  11. The shale gave way fully beneath her slight weight, and Rose came down hard on her backside. She cursed widely but did not attempt to rise. In frustration, she pulled the dark helmet off her head and shook out the shoulder length locks of blue hair that were damp with sweat. SHe balanced the helmet between her knees and gestured for Durose to join her, or at least stand there looming like her usually did. She pointed to the distant city that was still burning from whatever airstrike had shattered its skyscrapers like ice sculptures. “Look, when we get to Kyr-Allei, you can be finally rid of this stupid endenturement. I should never have brought you with me on this crusade of misery. We only have a little ways to go, then you can leave this behind.” “They always go.” She muttered as she ran her dusty gloved fingers over her face to wipe away the tear streaks, but which left her face looking mottles and patchy with dust. She looked up again at the falling stars and sighed. Why had it gone so wrong? Why did it always go so wrong for her? The three hyposprays in her belt pouch of gylocal were so tempting, just a press then she could float away for a while. But she couldn’t do it here, not now. Not with the morose Cathar beside her. She was glad for the company, however temporary. She gestured widely, her arm encompassing the whole of the dark sky. "Where do you want to go Durose?"
  12. Currently, The Imperial Remnant represents a more grey, middle of the road path of the nominally "good" guys with a sub-set of light side but more directly combat oriented Force sensitive Imperial Knights to play. The Galactic Alliance represents the more traditionally "good" guy New Republic style play style. The Jedi Order represents the Force wielding "good" guys who, at least under their current Grandmaster, are going to fight but also respect the more philosophical and non-aggressive Force sensitive play style. All three were once independent, but now have been forced together through circumstances to form the Rebellion. The Sith Empire originally represented the dark side Force sensitive playstyle but now has come to incorporate the militaristic non-Force sensitive and generally "evil" elements of the movie based Galactic Empire. That Sith Empire (called either "the Sith" or "the Empire") is the dominant force in the Galaxy now which caused the three "good" guy factions to unite simply to survive. Black Sun was an criminal "bad guy" faction that was allied with the Sith Empire until it suffered a costly defeat (that cost the Rebels) and was integrated into the Sith Empire. The Mandalorians have risen and fallen, but most recently united to become a very nasty rampaging force that actually inflicted some heavy damage to the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant before kinda fading away due to activity and (perhaps IC explanation) over stretching themselves. IC, it may be explained that they did well fighting the weakened Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant who were focused on internal struggles and fighting the rising Sith Empire, but when the Mandos got the attention of the Sith, they didn't do too well.
  13. Scratching, brief moments of stubborn static, followed by a rough three seconds of deafening silence. The sonic frequency was erratic but when the connection settled, a much clearer rasp fell upon the uncomfortable board room. His breathing was harsh, heavier than usual, far too close, yet not close enough. And then it wasn't. .. C C R R R R R K K! A sharp and short crunch. Breaking? Delicate bone caving under pressure? What that sound was, could only be confirmed if they had visual. But they didn't. What sounded similar to a body gone slack, dropping with dead weight to the floor, was just conjecture. The labored breaths that once were, now fell quiet. Three-dimensional imagery sprouted from the centerpiece unevenly, the filaments of dry color shorting as the Dark King emerged. This was not the likeness of some hunched, over-cloaked, force-festered blight that stood before them. Here, the crude and able-bodied width of a young conqueror satiated the relay transmissions. The magnitude of his size and imperial stature seemed overwhelming, even by holo-display alone, magnified by the detailed tinctures of armor that covered him from his battle-worn greaves to his neckline. Loose cloth that was both unsparing and thronged, hung from his open cloaked breastplate, strengthening his exalted demeanor. Yet, the color of his battle raiment remained distilled by the simple grey-scale transmissions, so much so that his face was rendered into a distortion, leaving his facial features covered in an obscure mask of shifting shadows. ".. Aaah. And so it begins,"
  14. Briggs’ arms relaxed when he saw the officer take his helmet off. “Seems like everyone’s being friendly now ” he slipped his blasters into their holsters and grinned “so, what’s this about a mission?” He tapped his foot while looking up at the big guy
  15. @Raven Zinthos The knight spoke to the Trandoshan, however used the traditional language and not the Nudono's language. Close enough. The greeting came a second time and the question arose about the Imperial Ship, what did happen? To Vox it seemed only yesterday since the event had happened but in reality it had been few days. The chieftain thought for a moment before continuing in regular Trandoshan as much as he disliked it. He looked at the mans hand curiously and almost wandered what it was for, almost looking at the man like he was stupid. "On our home world, we warred against the foreigners for control over our territory. In the end we had to assault a major force despite our clans chieftain's orders to allow them through. Our war pack were exiled, in turn more than half our clan followed us as ruin was to come if they remained. A hijacked starship later, we crashed on an ice rock after being shot down by the Black Cloak's vessels. Successfully we were able to quickly silence a Black Cloak Outpost and took this ship to escape our hunters. If that's explanation enough." Vox had no reason to explain how most of his forces were killed; the temperatures as the ships engine and any power supply were destroyed, most of the Nudono froze to death. Those without the armor, women, children, soldiers, all dead because Vox followed what Divine, or his gut told him. He's had a heavy burden, he was tired and hungry, he only wanted rest. Only when he found a new world to start over may he go back to Trandosha and take his people from there. It still bothered him, this entire time he was led here by the risk and death of his people, left with the remainder of his war pack.
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  17. @Flashbandit2475 @Mythos The Imperial Officer grinned under his helmet at the appearance of the Rebel Officer, they were on the same side now but it was still awkward to see such a fearsom beast in a uniform. As the bandits scattered to the wind he took his helmet back off his head. “Welcome Commander, I heard that you were coming bye the Imperial Mission. I've found you an able bodied recruit for your mission.” He bowed low, and walked back to his post. ((Mythos is now your commanding officer))
  18. @Vox The Imperial Knight took a step forward and extended his hand in greeting. He didn’t have an exact sense of what had been said, by the other creature but he knew it was not pure hostility. He called for a translator droid before he officially introduced himself again. “I am Knight Commander Vernon Ryzhkov, of the Imp- ...Rebel Alliance.” He corrected himself. THe Droid did its best to say the words in a modified Trandoshan. “You possess an Imperial Freighter, what happened?”
  19. Beth was shocked, and it marked across her face with a flash. “Wait you guys segregate your quarters?” For ever since the time of Emperor Blacks reforms, the Imperial military held no distinction. Believing that any kind of barrier between their crews would adversely affect them, forming faction and getting in the way of unity in squadrons. A look of disgust stretched across her pretty face. “How are you supposed to get to know one another and work as a tandem unit? Mealtimes? Surely lieutenant, privacy is something that the Jedi reject as well?” Her eyes actually showed real concern as they boarded the Maelstrom. “It’s not like we have orgies or something you Rebel. And any impropriety is very strictly punished.” She looked to Nia and shook her head. “If you wanted privacy, the military is the last place you should have come. I am afraid private cabins are something of the past. No one gets special treatment here. When we get to station we will be divided into squadrons and of course separate bunks, but I think especially on an operation like this segregation of any type should not be allowed.” But the rebel corvette was divided much like the Red faced Jedi had said. Two wide segregated bunk rooms. Causing Beth to pout. She tossed her baggage on the bunk near Nia’s as the ship launched into the trailing lines of hyperspace. "Tell me about yourself little Jedi." ((Post in space boys))
  20. The Maw _______________________________ Laughter echoed maniacally throughout the hallowed halls of the abandoned Jedi vessel. The multi kilometer vessel hung suspended in the void near a thousand black holes. Beside the Eternal Vigilance, seemingly snuggled in its embrace was a singular corvette of corellian make, its orange striping and grey paint marking it a vessel of the Jedi Order. Its engines were dark as the midnight oceans of manaan, its white docking tube extended to the Eternal Vigilance looking for all the galaxy like an embryo, tucked into the womb of that great Jedi Vessel.The entire Jedi training ship was devoid of power and light save the archival room where a single still light flickered. The pale green light of an emergency glowrod illuminated rows of holocrons spread out in arcing circles in which sat a frail old man. His face streaked with lines of age, and there were tears upon his cheeks. The holocron in front of him snapped open, its own red light mixing with the pale green. He sighed, bringing an end to his laughter and letting the sound of shuffling feet and clicking mandrills take its place. He stood, bathed in the red light, and gestured to one of the lurking shadows. “Come children, we have much to learn.” _________________________________ HAZARD ZONE Danger Level: High
  21. Mordecai understood his purpose here. It was one of a bodyguard, of the meek follower, and it was a part he'd play, for now. His moment to prove himself would come, all he needed was patience. Provoking a powerful woman like Qeala was a bad idea, to say the least. Still, it was a learning opportunity. He didn't have time to properly discuss with her, but he was sure the time for that would come. The sensors informed them it was time to begin, and he followed Lady Darksong dutifully, taking up a position behind her. As the negotiations began, he remained standing. He listened, and thought. The woman who deigned herself Empress was a child, really. She was barely older than he was, and yet she'd rallied entire armies behind her. A foolish gesture, to be sure, but fools could still impress. He eyed the Imperial Knights. He'd been briefed on them by his more experienced security officers. Force wielders who fought for the false throne. Trained warriors. In the heart of a Sith Star Destroyer, they were dismiss-able threats. Before the Dark Lord? They would become irrelevant. Still, he was here to protect Lady Darksong, and so he watched. His hands stayed near his lightsabers, one from Korriban, the other pilfered from a defeated foe, but they never touched. He would not start the aggression, but his stature would hopefully inform the knights of his watchfulness.
  22. Bakra missed the Trandoshan, at first. He was too busy firing into the smog, trying to do a decent job at pinning the Cabal down. It was only when he ducked behind cover that he spotted the flanking lizard. A tad to late, he took a glancing blaster bolt to his shoulder, knocking him on his ass, his heavy blaster dropping from his hands as he fell. Thinking fast, he pushed off of the wing with his feet, sliding back as he drew one of his pistols. He had to stay mobile, otherwise he'd be dead before he could fire. He used his momentum to roll to his feet, drawing his second blaster as he did so, and firing off a flurry of shots. His shoulder throbbed with the motions, but it was like flying a damaged ship. If he slowed down to assess the damage he'd risk getting hit again, and then he'd be in real deep shit. After this Trandoshan was dead, he'd look at his shoulder. But not before.
  23. The intricrate web of a woven dream was as mysterious as the concept of life, its knowledge sought by all, but understood by none, at least in a true sense. For Kari, it was but a distant memory, one of the few in a handful that she had managed to make, but for the outside world, it was anything but. As she laid there asleep within her bunk, a darkness began to stir about her like a misty fog, unclear and impenetrable. It rolled about her form like a bank, seeping from its origination in a trove of black cloud. Her form sat up, her hands removing the boots she generally wore to separate herself from the life she used to live, and when she stood, the flesh of bare feet stood against the cold flooring. Kari looked out across the horizon toward the setting sun, her feet dug into the sand and wiggling her toes as her gaze shifted toward Tori with a smile. The two were around fourteen or fifteen years of age and Tori smiled back toward Kari before the two shifted toward their Masters swimming just off shore. It was a time of peace and tranquility for the two, their life upon Shili but a distant memory save for their promise to return and free Angela from their mother's wicked grasp once they had finished their training and became full fledged Knights. But by now, Tori had begun to see the feelings in Kari's eyes change, her sight lost upon the older Knight that had taken her as his Padawan. Tori reached over with her exposed foot and caught Kari's calf, a serious look in her eyes as Kari turned in disbelief. "You know as well as I that it will never be Kari." Tori spoke with general concern for her beloved sister. "The Order barely approves of those who have no connection, let alone Master and Padawan." Kari's gaze turned toward the view of their Masters, a look of sadness rushing to her face as the wind blew against it. "I know Tori. I just can't help myself. He's kind, caring, sweet. He even rushed over to me last week when I fell from that blasted tree." Kari spoke, her hand running across the nearly healed broken ribs that laid beneath the field dressing around her waist. "Its not like he'll ever return it. He's nineteen and I'm his Padawan. And even if I wasn't, and stood as an equal, I doubt I will ever be more than a younger sister." Kari sighed, her hand secretly grasping a handful of sand out of Tori's view. "Its probably for the best." With that said Kari threw the handful across Tori's form, squealed, and sprinted off even in pain. The two dashed across the sands in playful manner that continued even into the night, through training and past dinner of which consisted of a local delicacy, and almost until bed time when the two laid out from exhaustion with pillows still hand. The two Masters outside chuckled, knowing the sisters had finally given up, causing both to smile as the final remnants of consciousness slipped away. But outside this delicate dream, Kari's form roamed the halls of her ship in a darkened daze. Her lifeless eyes hid behind the Mask of Ventras as the cloak of dark mist covered her form, seeping downward and into the air as it landed and swept outward upon the durasteel floors. From beneath the mask came an unsettling moan from beyond the veil, Ghost carefully following his Master with delicate and weary protection. Kari's eyes shot open when the klaxons blared upon their arrival, the Togruta Je'daii nearly leaping her feet as she gazed out the viewport of the cockpit toward Shili. Grabbing the controls, Kari quickly and out of instinct began running the numbers for reentry as the shields came up to protect against the searing heat, the mixture of blue and orange not your usual sight to awaken to. It wasnt until they had landed that Kari realized she was far from her bed and held no recollection of how she managed to get to the cockpit. "We're here Ban." Kari spoke after knocking on the door of his quarters, her gear strapped across her shoulder and hip. A few moments later she disembarked and as her feet touched the dirt of Shili, Kari realized that she was barefooted. Keeping this to herself, she wiggled her toes in the risen sand, felt its welcoming warmth as she turned to gaze toward Ban. "If you haven't been here before, let me be the first to welcome you to Shili."
  24. Nia stiffened as Beth clapped her on the back, pulling away microscopically. She'd never liked being touched. She couldn't explain it properly, even to her parents. It just didn't carry the comfort for her that it seemed to carry for others, a situation that had only been worsened by her extended time out of water. Still, it was nothing she wasn't used to. She was at loss. All these pilots shared something. A bond forged in battle that allowed them to laugh and chat like they knew each other, even if they were barely acquainted. It was something to look up to. Still, she lacked the bond that Mjan had with the other pilots, so she stayed silent until she was addressed. In truth, she was nervous about the assignment. She'd never flown, and the last thing she wanted was to be a liability. She didn't want to put anyone in danger due to her inexperience. She glanced at her new Master as her spoke, frowning at his reaction. Then the implications dawned on her, and she felt herself flush. "Oh, no, if it's possible, I'd like to sleep on my own for a night or two. I've had no privacy since I left home to become a Jedi." She hesitated for a moment before adding, "Of course, if that's a problem I have no qualms about bunking with you, Lieutenant. I don't want to trouble anyone." She found herself with her hands behind her back, twisting them uncomfortably. It... bothered her, to ask for things like private quarters. It felt frivolous, and now that she'd asked it, she'd wished she hadn't. Any quarters suited for the soldiers should have been suitable for herself.
  25. Mjan stood up from his chaired position, a chuckle erupting under his breath as he his grip lifted the brief's datapad from the table. Rose was known as a jokester, a memorable moment of a prank played upon Mjan crossing his mind. His gaze shifted toward Nia and his chuckle subsided as he noticed her still face. He knew the look of troublesome thoughts. Next chance alone, he would ask her about what bothered. Feeling a slap across his back, Mjan winced predictably out of reaction as he turned to gaze Beth again, a smile across his face. She was definitely a well defined pilot, her actions reminding his alot of his own Captain. A feeling of ease washed over him knowing that so many veteran pilots would be a part of this project, his own infancy as one apparent. He knew he was lucky to have survived Dark Sun. "I was considering an old 170 myself. Nia here has no training, so I'm hoping the Maelstrom has an on board simulator she could study with." Mjan spoke, looking past her toward a weeping Oden Sun as the oaf watched his X-Wing being stripped, an emotional sorrow filling up Mjan in response. "If not, the co-pilots chair is as best a place as any to learn. You're welcome to pilot if you want to join us and I'll take the rear guns." It was more of a jest than seriousness, but Mjan wouldnt turn her down if she chose to create a crew with him and Nia. If not, he knew Captain Rose would, her favorite aspect of the ARC being the tail guns. It's how he had came to know the ship as well as he did, the Twilek obsessed with it and the Y-Wing. At that thought, he chuckled in silence. Mjan's reddened face turned a briefly deeper shade when Beth poised the opportunity to bunk together with her, his mind to have yet even consider that aspect, his gaze shifting to Nia and realizing that it would be unbecoming if she and he had even bunked together. His four fingered hand reached up and scratched at the back of his head through his blackened hair in slight embarrassment. "You ladies are more than welcome to if you wish. But I'm afraid I'll have to bunk with the guys." Mjan's gaze shifted toward Rose, the woman's gears already turning at the overheard conversation. "Captain Rose has a tendency to let her active imagination run wild." Mjan chuckled as Rose's face pouted at her overhearing his response. "I do not!" Rose yelled as Mjan turned back to the two, Jax and Oden nearly choking on their shared laughter beside her.
  26. Aidan briefly thought about learning Sandy's stance in depth right then and there, but decided against it after checking the message containing their orders. "We'd better just get to our assignments. This is the first time I've really been given orders from the Empress herself, and I'm a little eager to get the job done." He moved in, giving his mother a quick embrace, lingering for longer than a brief moment. "It was good to see you again. When we get time, we should catch a meal together. Grandma too, assuming she's still out there." Aidan looked back to Sandy. It wasn't going to be an exciting assignment, but at the least they now had something to do. "Might as well get going, I can arrange to have all of this delivered back to the armorer. Squire Peltz owes me a favor. I assume you have command of this one?" ((Sandy, ready to go whenever, just drag Aidan where she goes in her next post. Armiena I know the invitation was extended to you OOC to go on this plot, but Aidan wouldn't have known that, feel free to correct him if you're coming with, lol.))
  27. Jax kept his head down and called out to the dark troopers and the Sith Lord, "Friendly" Still keeping his head down in case sudden movement were to cause them to shoot, as he knew that the dark troopers were prone to do. (Sorry kinda short, I'm in school currently)
  28. Dhonarr had a saying, "To the Victor goes the fate of all manner of beast that are felled." But today, the Jedi were the true victors. Ro grinned to himself. There was a certain poetry to the universe. What of their Mandalore the Harbinger now? And where is their Lord Kad Ha’Rangir? How predictable that their mighty arrogance and gluttonous blood-lust would be so easily cut back down to size by none other than the Jedi. How fast the faithful run and how quickly they fall when there is no pride or honor to be found among them. At least Durose had had enough honor and pride to fight until his body gave out back on Coruscant. In an odd twist of irony, it was thanks to that turn of events that he had been given the chance feast his eyes on the show he had just witnessed. Of course, the circumstances surrounding all this were far from the usual. Ultimately, Roshan had agreed to "shadow" Rose as an observer during their latest mission of conquest. The Mandalorians believed they were invincible. How could it hurt to allow him to learn their ways and see them in action before deciding to officially join their ranks? They had plenty more conquests to partake in after this one, did they not? Truth be told, this was mostly a stalling tactic. His fight on Coruscant had beat him up significantly. In fact, it was probably the closest he had ever been to death. And since his "hospitalization" there had been little opportunity to escape. Rose was clear. It was join or die. But it would seem that his captor had taken a liking to him and Ro had done his best to play that to his advantage. If he was being honest, he had a soft spot for humans, too, especially the strong-willed female type. He knew she was different in nearly every way other than her species and her sex... but something about her reminded him of Victoria. Or perhaps that was some residual effects of his delirium speaking. To be absolutely honest, he was a bit embarrassed about the whole Coruscant situation in its aftermath. Granted, Ro had a valid excuse. After all, he had been so badly wounded and lost so much blood that it was shocking he had remained standing for as long as he had. But now after making a full recovery and getting to know more about his captors, Durose still cringed when he thought back to those final moments on Coruscant. He had failed his oath. He had not defended the Link with his life. Instead, he had survived and given Victoria's gift away to a stranger. He felt almost as if he had cheated on Victoria even though they were never a thing. And who was this blue-haired, blue-eyed Mandalorian anyways? She reminded him more of a mischievous little Ubese running around in shiny armor than the grizzled Mandalorian warriors of legend. Of course, her skills told another story. He had made the mistake of underestimating her once. He knew better than to repeat past mistakes so soon after having just made them. So for the time being he had ultimately decided to placate this small, blood-thirsty humanoid. At least long enough to recover the necklace. Of course, the "how" of that scenario proved to be more complicated than he had anticipated. How does one say, "I was delirious, you reminded me of a past love in my hallucinatory state. And you two don't even really look alike! Not to say that you aren't a well-formed human female, albeit a little miniature. No offense, of course. You have real talent. It's just well... the necklace... that's kind of mine. And I want it back. And I'm not going down this path to crazy town with you." Human women were complicated enough. They were nothing like Cathar females. Saying the wrong thing could end in disaster even when dealing with the most rational of humans. But these Mandalorian women? They seemed even that much more unstable, if that was even possible. He could consider himself lucky to have been spared and only receive a "cute" but somewhat annoying "pet name." Roar Roar. Is she secretly mocking my warrior growls with every parting of her lips? Is she playfully attempting to remind me of the completeness of my failure of honor and duty and combat prowess? Is the name to remind me of my inferiority to her after being bested by a humanoid female near half my size? And yet it could have been worse. The way his new "nickname" rolled off her tongue seemed to lack the malicious intent Ro almost secretly hoped she harbored. Whether she looked at him as a potential lover, big brother, hulking bodyguard, furry friend, trophy slave, fuzzy teddy bear, loyal pet, or enemy to torture, it seemed that whatever he had done in his final moments of consciousness had bought him enough time to heal, recover, and reevaluate his situation. Unsure of how to proceed and without purpose (having already failed his assigned purpose so thoroughly), the defeated Cathar slowly came to the realization that the words on that necklace were more of a curse than terms of endearment. Perhaps it is fitting that this little one carry my necklace. At least it will remain in the hands of someone who is actually a victor and not a failure like I. Or so he had thought at the time. It was that thought that had ultimately haunted the sentient-turned-patient as he recovered from his injuries. All the while, the weight of his failure --one that not even he believed he deserved to carry-- continued to crush his soul like a heavy anchor. It wasn't long before his burnt fur had regrown and his broken bones had refused and his scars had faded. But the hole in his soul remained. The captive beast agreed to observe and learn his captor's ways. He knew Rose believed in the destiny and dogma that her Mandalore spewed. But He knew that such teachings would lead her down a path of disappointment. They were the words of a tyrant looking for an excuse to justify her blood-lust for death and carnage. He found their manner and methods crude. Their guise of reverence false. They had turned the Mandalorians back into the wild savages that Cathar children read about in their holonovels. The same crude monsters that even many modern Mandalorians had since admitted to being ashamed of. Or so Dhonarr's father had always taught him. In truth, the Mandalorians had long been a passing fascination of his. After all, they are an indelibly part of Cathar legend and lore. His entire species had nearly been wiped out in the Massacre of Cathar and even after the several millenniums since their rebuilding and repopulation of Cathar, all Cathar knew the name of Mandalore the Ultimate and Cassus Fett. So when rumors of their return to the galactic scene began to circulate in the bars and back alleys of lower Coruscant, Ro didn't hesitate to use the resources at his disposal to investigate. Sadly, it would turn out that the crazies that lead by fear and blood-lust ultimately won sway over the Mandalorians who lead by honor and example. And all that ultimately led him here. Another glassed graveyard. He had joined her "for the hunt." But he stayed in hopes that he could somehow redeem both of their souls. But in the midst of all the fighting and explosions and chaos, the two of them got separated. In fact, for some time he honestly thought he had lost her. But now as he waded his way through the glassed remains of a once civilized world of wealth and glamour, there she was. Rose. Her fragile 5'2 frame somehow still managing to hold itself up under the weight of her imitation Beskar armor. Ro looked upward as he approached, trying to figure out what had caught her eyes. Of course, it wasn't hard to see what it was. If it wasn't so tragic, the explosive balls of flames and streaking debris actually would have looked a bit pretty in a morbid but vibrant sort of way. Shaking his head, he refocused his eyes on the warrior in front of him. She did not gloat on her day of victory and he would not gloat in her day of defeat. Almost slipping but managing to steady himself, the former Watcher of the Link continued his approach as he spoke. "So then Warrior Priestess of Blue..." Durose began but quickly found himself at a loss for words. Instead of saying another word, he just stood there waiting for her response. What does one do in such a situation? Am I destine to receive a hug, a punch, a rematch? Is she in morning, panic, numb all over? Will she run, surrender, pursue the attackers? Or perhaps the two of them would just stand there in silence for a few moments more, staring at the balls of flaming ship components as they danced across the sky like an amateur fireworks extravaganza. Maybe in this moment in time that was the only right thing to do... at least for just a few seconds more... ___
  29. Dreams were a frivolous thing, never the same and yet similar in most aspects. They were always foggy, faces unknown save for the subconsciousness of one's memory. Yet at times, they were pleasant and peaceful, and at others, horrific and terrifying. But never had one plagued the Marshal's mind such as the one that screamed at him within. Faces of the dead blurred upon his vision, their rotted arms pulling at his form and at his soul, hollowed eyes gazing with emptiness. It was enough for even the most hardened veteran to wake with a screaming bellow. Mythos shot up in his bed, his form flinching upon the sudden jerk and the sore muscles surrounding the cold steel of his artifice as he struggled from the sheets that covered his form. His fur wet from beaded sweat had began to soak through the sheet and into the mattress beneath him as his gaze met the rising sun, his breathing frantic and grasping. Moving his paw toward the metallic limb, he squeezed its unnatural palm, balling his fist up and relaxing it a few times until the phantom pain left its presence, the dream fading away from present memory. He rose from his bedding and began to get dressed, the Shistavanen gazing into the mirror plaqued upon his dresser's door as he thought back to the dream, the familiar presence reminiscing of the shadows that had been darting across his vision since his return from Dark Sun Station. Button by button, he remembered each time he thought he saw the ghostly figures, his mind curious as to the what and why. Stepping toward the refresher, Mythos splashed his scarred face, letting the cool liquid Scroll down it as he reached for a towel. He needed to relax and forget the seemingly unforgettable. When Mythos left his room, he commed ahead to let his departure to Nar Shadaa below, requesting a small transport for his trip. And when he arrived at the hangar, he climbed aboard and left the frigid airspace behind, his destination a Cantina... any Cantina. Nar Shadaa was surely full of them, and at the moment, he simply needed the hustle and bustle of life despite the usual glances he recieved. In truth, Mythos hadn't even bothered to adorn the metallic mask he usually did to hide his true origins. Today was simply about a little R and R. Hours seemed to have passed when his comm link alerted him, Mythos sitting alone in a darkened corner of a rather busy Cantina as music blared in the background with such intensity that it nearly tore at his sensitive hearing, his ears flocked backwards to in natural disdain. As he finished his small cup of water, Mythos gazed around, partially enjoying the moment of life before he pulled out his comm unit and listened to the arrival of Orders. He knew duty was calling. Tossing a credit stick upon the table, Mythos downed the drink and grabbed his coat as he rose. He had a mission, and deep in his mind, he hoped he was capable of it. As he walked out of the Cantina, he sent a request of Alliance men to meet him aboard the Montjoie as well as some of the best Imperial Troopers that could be found on such short notice, figuring now would be as good a time as any to test their worth and mettle. It was no secret that he despised the Empire, but not nearly as much as he did the mystics that guided them. But if this Alliance was going to truly work, he could at least try and work with those like himself, the untouched, those blessed without that cursed magic they call the Force. Two squadrons from each would surely do enough for his test, with himself included making a total of twenty five. A bit of an overkill, but after Dark Sun Station, Mythos planned to not take chance should one of those soul sucking dark sorcerers appear. As Mythos rounded a corner leading to the port he landed in however, he found his gaze looking ahead toward an @ISB Officer(s)and what appeared to be a hunter (@Flashbandit2475) engaging a group of the local youth. Mythos grimaced, his teeth showing as he found himself across from pointed guns aimed at the two youths before him. He truly did not have the time to watch the stand off unfold and he rathered not be placed on the recieving end should one of the DC-17's bolts happen to miss. Towering the two by at least a foot and a half, Mythos leaned in close enough for his displeased breath to take across their necks as the unmasked Shistavanen growled in displeasure at their sight, the two quickly turning to gaze at the massive Marshall as he reached forward quickly and tightly gripped his paws around their drawn barrels. With little patience, and a lack of worry about their aim as they shook in fear, Mythos' garbbled a simple sentence through his disfigured vocal cords. "Begone, now, little ones."
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