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  2. Jax was out on the docking bay of Sundari, he'd found a ship that was often times used by Sith apprentices and had decided to hang around it to see if the apprentice knew of any jobs for bounty hunters among the Sith.
  3. Identity Real Name: Jax Rymateer A.K.A: Shadow Homeworld: Mandalor Species: Mandalorian Physical Description Age: 22 Height: 6'2'' Weight: 175lbs Hair: blond Eyes: gray Sex: male Equipment Clothing or Armor: mandalorian armor, red and black coloring, rarely takes it off Weapon: Mandolorian vambraces, WESTSTAR-35 blaster pistol, EE3-blaster rifle, Thermal detonator, ion grenades, Staff Common Inventory: Commlink, data pad, binoculars Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non force user Alignment: Neutal Current Faction Affiliation: Bounty hunter Current Faction Rank: Bounty hunter History Force Side: non Trained by: non Trained who: non Known Skills: Assassination, sabotage, flying, combat Background: Was abandoned as child and grew up surviving on the streets of Mandalore, once he reached his teens an older bounty hunter found him and began teaching him how to fight and how to make a living off of fighting. Jax was not new to fighting, having been on his own for a while he'd been getting into scraps with the other urchins quite frequently. But the bounty hunter taught him new tricks to improve his fighting skills. He also taught him how to get bounties, how to fly, how to shoot and many other skills he'd need in his life as a bounty hunter. Together they did bounty hunting across the galaxy until Jax turned 18 and the old bounty hunter was killed, he gave Jax his armor, weapons and ship before he died. Now Jax continues taking bounties across the galaxy for anyone who pays well. Ship Registration Name: Dream boat Class: Patrol craft, Prisoner transport Model: Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Manufacturer: Mandalmotors Length: 21.5 meters Armaments: 2 Laser cannons, 2 Warhead launchers, 5 concussion missiles each,Tractor beam projector Armor: Rated 62 RU,Rated 106 SBD Anti-Personnel Defenses: none Modifications: none Appearance: Main color: Black, Secondary colors: Gray, Red
  4. Nia felt a few emotions over the course of a few seconds. First was concern that she'd fail, or make a mistake. Then relief when no such event occurred, followed by excitement that it came so quickly for her. She'd always worried that her sensitivity to the force was more of a technicality than anything actually worthy of a Jedi, despite her father's assurances. It seemed all she required was a little teaching, direction. She was still hesitant to encourage the pilot's actions, though. Was she really so eager to destroy her enemies that she was willing to shortcut her health in favor of killing a few more Sith? After Kel spoke, she stood, stepping towards the pilot. It confused her, but she hoped there was an explanation beyond simple hatred. "Why do you hunt the Sith with such fervor?" She glanced nervously at Kel. She knew how he felt about the war, and vice versa. She wasn't trying to spark a debate, merely learn the woman's motives. In a way, she wanted to prove to Kel that she wasn't just talk, that she actually cared to make the galaxy a better place. Even if that meant stepping out of her comfort zone with people she hadn't met yet.
  5. Imperial Security Bureau Lieutenant Kaitlyn Malenkov walked down the gangway of her corroded shuttle. She scowled at the attendant that offered her a refurbish or repaint then strode off towards the dusty streets of Salis D'aar, the capital of this backwater world. Technically she was on assignment from the empress, but she now represented the extended rebel alliance instead of just the Imperial Crown. It had been a week long journey along the Shiritoku Way, and now she needed to find contact, go underground and begin to build a Rebel Cell.
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  7. His hand wrapped around the cynlindrical lightsabre and he clipped it to his belt. Alekseyev let his smile settle back into a passive expression as he nodded to the Jedi’s suggestion. He sat down in front of the Jedi Master and inclined his head, indicating that he would be ready momentarily. The squire spun the chalk into a long line as she began to trace a multilayered circle around the pair of them. To the well trained and historical eye of the ancient exorcists, it would be the multiple concentric circles within a circle surrounded by runes of an exorcists’s diagram. It was an act of protection, and a warning, that any threat perceived would be dealt swift justice. Rayen moved so that she was standing behind Alekseyev, hands still away from her sabre, but the soft hand of the force began to move none the less. When the squire was finished, she knelt as well, the force moving through her. Both of their energies focused through the circle. “Tobias Vos, you may show me what you will.” Alekseyev nodded his head , indicating that the Jedi should go ahead and begin what he would.
  8. Knowledge stagnates, without the strength to act.. The accident, under his watch, was something that he would have to fix and at least live with for the rest of his life. Do or do not, there is no try. He felt the power cell come to rest back into place between the opposing blades. Then remounting the top hilt to the rest of the staff. The other pieces, and the lower saber had already fit back into place. The dozen parts of the top saber floated around him. The Force is all things, and I am the Force. With great care and attention, the dozen pieces came together and became one piece and his saber was once again complete. The meditation didn’t end immediately, his mind felt through the weapon to make sure it was in perfect working order. His mind rolled along the various hidden buttons that were through the handle- feeling the power cell feed its energy to the appropriate places. Up through both field energizers, up through the blade controls and to the activator switches. The crystals aligned with each focusing lens perfectly, and the triple check was done. In unison, Vos and the sabre floated down to the floor where he had originally sat down to go through this process. As he took a second deep breath, he focused on the light switch, and the room was illuminated again. His mind wandered back to his ship and the array of holoprojectors- he imagined himself there- working through the plan slowly fermenting in the back of his mind. He was figuring out how exactly to leave the ship, the droids and everything else behind. Everything else… his mind froze on those words and automatically it was translated to ‘Adenna.’ A spike of anxiety rolled over him before it crashed against the techniques to settle the agitation. All this happened within the blink of an eye- then, upon working through his thought processes, he felt three force users enter the firing range. His eyes adjusted to the last bit of light in the bay, once his vision cleared- there were three Imperial Knights standing in front of him. So many images of what could happen flowed through his mind- if he handed over his blade they would attack him for some sort of perceived phantom of darkness within him? Or should he just start to attack them right now, taking them out with surprise? Was the knights who held their hands away from the lightsabers a distraction for one of them to make a move on him? Should he give them his blade, and just kill them outright with the Force? Should he take them on with just his fists? He did want another round of training….All of those thoughts were pushed out of his mind, finding humor in how each one would play out; he at least could improvise still. His eyes connected on the lead Imperial while one started to make a mess of the range. He let a frown of disapproval show on his face, then unclipped a saber hilt from his belt- floating it over to the lead. “As you wish, I was hoping you would join me for a moment though?” Tobias finally moved something other than his eyes, his left hand braced against his left knee and his right made an invitation to the floor space in front of himself. “I want to show you something, something that might make this whole process much quicker and easier. Or might not, regardless it is harmless.” Tobias shrugged his right shoulder, and smiled warmly then brought his hand to his right knee; his staff rocked slightly on his lap. Tobias projected warmth and friendship into the Force, not as an act of duplicity- he had nothing to hide, everything he was doing was genuine- but also to protect himself.
  9. There was a slight cough as Kyllan cleared his throat. He could tell quickly now that Raven was an excellent leader, but knew nothing of the business world and her statements made him slightly uncomfortable. "While I understand your feelings and stance on things, I feel I must correct your statement. Zalis Krales is many things, a former assassin, business woman and leader of a former terrorist organization-but one thing she is not- an idiot. Czerka has for a very long time started to embed themselves into product production and became extremely successful at it, years prior to her getting a claim on it. Deeming anyone who works for them as terrorist will find yourself on a very short list of public enemies to a thousand companies, to which I am sure even the Empire uses many of the products produced by Czerka. Point blank empress... You're already giving Zalis credits and will continue to do so unless you choose to make everything in house. It's the way she wanted things..." Kyllan allowed for his face to reveal his own thoughts, which was very simply, the face of a man who has been out played and knew it. "To be very frank, the fate of Zalis is one that neither of us are really in a position to touch at the moment. A sentiment and a desire is all of what we can truly muster. Killing her or arresting her would be a difficult task - as she has credits, and credits do allure to all businesses... Hence the reason even I got stuck in my situation..." Kyllan offered up his arms in a way to admit fault, but to also allow for him to change the subject. "But I do accept your offer. I think having us re-set will be beneficial for everyone."
  10. Tros simply nodded his head towards Canderous and began to walk himself off the ship. He was ready to get this all over with. The amount of fuss that took place from the beginning made it difficult for him to feel motivated to work and deal with The Zann Consortium. He would deal with everything that Dimaal was doing at the time that it needed to be dealt with. Stepping off the landing ramp, he was hit by wind from the sea and the smell of sand and salt filled his nostrils. He stood at the bottom of the ramp and looked around. He waited for about thirteen seconds before Vrax and Canderous both made it to the bottom of the ramp with him. "Dimaal wants cargo loaded there, and us the get paid there... Which means he already has people in position to do a cleanup sweep when he goes to claim everything. What are your thoughts?" He knew that Vrax would't waste time, and of course was the very next voice he heard. "Monilar will be able to hold the cargo with Bex. Although now that I said that out loud, I have a strong feeling you don't really want to hold onto the cargo. So have Bex stay here and keep the ship ready for take off?" "Monilar can take the cargo himself as we finish up business with Dimaal. The goal will be to identify who is second in command and keep them alive when Dimaal turns on us. Any input Canderous?"
  11. Raven let a dark eyebrow arch as she listened to the the transmission. She let her frown deepen as she looked down at her bandaged arms then back at the representative. “I of course sympathize with you and your company on any losses taken in investments through this terrorist station.” She let those last words emphasize that she did not care the slightest for anyone hwo lost money in investing through the Black Sun. But Incom was vital to the war efforts so she extended a offer of rehabilitation. “As you may be aware, the Imperial Throne does maintain extensive treasuries that were rescued from both Kuat and Carida.” Her eyes narrowed. “Czerka and by extension Zalis Krales are deemed both Terrorist and terrorist organization, and their representatives to be captured and or killed on sight.” Her finger knuckles turned white as she gripped the seat beside her. “So we will offer a bailout in their stead and a refreshment of contracts through our base of operations on Nar Shaddaa. Is that acceptable as an alternative?”
  12. “Master Vos?” The voice echoed off the bare metal walls of the chamber as the trio of red armoured IMperial Knight respectively bowed to the Jedi Master. Though the two older knights had long ago left the order for the imperial military, they both recognized Vos for the formidable Jedi Master that he was. Finishing their bows, Knight Alekseyev nodded his blonde head toward the apprentice in the group. Technically her rank was Squire, but his mind still defaulted to the rank structure of the order he had grown up in. The young grey white haired Arkanian girl that had been a squire since just before the disastrous battle of Kuat nodded in return and stepped into the middle of the chamber pulling from her belt a pouch of a white chalky substance. She knelt and begant to lay a line of white over the stark grey panels. Alekseyev smiled softly, his beard brushing the edges of his immaculate armour. He kept his voice respectful as the squire continued her trace. "We have been ordered to check you for the presence of the Darkside. There is no reason to be alarmed and you will not be harmed if it is found to dwell within you. However." He let his smile darken into a frown. “Master we will need your lightsaber.” He extended his hand, palm up towards the Jedi master. Knight Rayen behind him kept her hands far away from any weapon of her own. There was no need to bring anymore tension into the room, and she was confident that this would just be a quick check, and though there were precautions she did not need to worry.
  13. "Druk." in his haste he had forgotten that this woman wasn't on any painkillers like the wounded he had tended to in the previous battle. And since he didn't have any on his person, he would have to improvise. Kel grabbed the red sash around his waist, wadded it up, and held it up to the lieutenant's mouth. "Bite down on this so you don't bite off your tongue." Once the gag was in place, Kel turned his focus back to the healing process. Luckily Nia was able to keep up the healing during his momentary lapse. Nia was doing very well throughout this sudden turn of events. Kel had no doubt that she would do well once she was paired with a master. Eventually, the two of them managed to heal her hand in its entirety and Kel's sash was back on his waist where it belonged. "That should do it. Normally this is the part where I tell you to get some rest plus eat and drink plenty of water, but since you're so eager to get back to the flight line, the most I can ask is that you be careful. And get whatever rest you can whenever you have the time."
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  15. Jeet slowly nodded. This made a bit more sense than the offer she'd made to him earlier, something that would require an outside source such as himself to help maintain her integrity. Perhaps she didn't even know why he was here, which did happen every now and then. "This is acceptable. As for the artifacts, however...I probably don't need them. I'd likely just sell them to the Jedi anyways, and since I'm basically working for them anyways it might raise the wrong eyebrows. So don't worry about that. I'm, uh...I'm already ready to go. I keep everything I need on my person, lead on." Even after he'd agreed, however, what she said still didn't sit well with him. There were just too many questions that went unanswered. That was the virtue of being able to listen: to uncover all the right questions that needed asking. But he would ask later. They would have time, and here was still a very public location.
  16. "Forgive me" Kari spoke aloud, having realized her outburst and past both having came out into the light without intent. Fury boiled in her eyes as she clinched the mask she held in her palm so tightly that her orange skin turned bright pink before she sighed and released her grip. "It seems that my sister wishes to continue her torment of me even into the afterlife. it seems I may have a personal job for you after all." Kari glanced down at the mask, reaching upward toward her hip and placing it into her own satchel, her curiosity peaked as much as her skin crawled with leeriness. Ventra had never been one to do things simply out the kindness of what little heart she still possessed, and with the realization that she had been involved with Faust during her training under him only made her cautious. Part of her wanted to simply discard the artifact in the nearest receptacle bin, but the other wanted to know what it was that Ventra was exactly up to with this ploy. "Same pay as mentioned before, only that I'll add additional credits from my own personal account and you're welcome to any artifacts we come across when we reach Shili." After having said that, Kari realized she had said what the job retained. She shook her head in disbelief that even after all she had been put through, Ventra could still affect her so. "This Mask belong to Darth Ventra, my sister. Last time I saw it, it was left behind within the catacombs that belong to my family. If I'm to find out what my sister is up to, our best bet would be to start there and follow what clues present themselves. Normally, I would undertake this task alone, but given that Ventra was a Sorceress and that my emotions are easily manipulated when it comes to her and my past, I need someone there to keep me in check as well. Up for an Adventure Jeet?" The smile that encompassed Kari's face was sincere, but there was hurt in her eyes.
  17. Aidan felt Sandy withdraw a bit, and he let go of the last bit of tension in his shoulders he didn't realize he still had. "Yeah. Egos like dad's. Sounds familiar." Maybe he shouldn't have said that. Some of the bitterness returned, but just as quickly he let it go. He'd forgiven Aryian, dwelling on his past mistakes solved nothing. "I, uh...I got lucky. Luckier than most, apparently. Every time I tried to get to the front lines, I got re tasked to escort wounded back to the rear. Not where I wanted to be, but probably a blessing it turned out that way. I'm glad you made it through as well, I didn't realize you were there." There was a brief pause as Aidan realized something else highly relevant. "Grandma is okay too, right?"
  18. His embarrassment flooded over her senses and she had to resist the urge to yank her arm back like it had been dipped in carbonite so as to save him the additional embarrassment that would bring him. So instead she squeezed his shoulder lightly and let her hand fall away as she backed up a pace to lean against the cargo containers that had made up their makeshift firing zone. She was here if he needed her, but he was plenty a man enough to handle himself so she simply nodded in greeting to the other Jedi behind Draygo and pushed herself up so that she was perched on the edge of the container. She studied her cuticles then the precharged energy magazines that were laid out in a row. She would have to apologize to him for that motion after his mom left and she pushed down the flush that it brought to her cheeks. She pulled her knees up to her chest and locked her arms around them, her emerald green eyes watching Aidan converse with his mother. Trying for all the world to not look like she was listening in, but really it couldn’t be helped. They were like the only ones here, so she gave up the pretense and simply stared quietly at the trio. The rebellion was certainly brimming with drama, and how she had spoken out against her friend Tobias at the meeting surely hadn't helped the ego filled room. If anything it had divided it even more.
  19. This was a moment that Armiena had been thinking about for months; really, every since the veteran Jedi had slipped the clutches of CreoVive and returned to the Order. It should have arrived sooner, but the collapse of the Galactic Alliance and the crises that wracked the Jedi Order continually demanded her attention. Perhaps she should have slipped her obligations to the Order and pursued this reunion earlier, because Armiena had just stepped out of a meeting with an Admiral she despised. The tension was written on her face as vividly as the crust of dried blood that had issued from a miniature cut on her forehead. “If we can keep it that way.” Her expression was not exactly accustomed to softness and sentimentality; the frustration of the last few weeks competed with the relief of seeing her son alive and unharmed. “One thing that gods and generals all have in common is that they have the most staggering egos, cannot admit a mistake or backtrack.” Draygo forced a deep breath. This was in danger of turning into a rant, and one that smacked of hypocrisy and a profound lack of self-awareness. “It seems to be that way. I… how have you been? When the Scarab came out of hyperspace on top of the fleet, I thought that—” Armiena let the sentence trail off. Both of them knew perfectly well what the Sith flagship had done: it had pulverized significant portions of the Jedi and Imperial fleets. The only reason why she was still alive was that Justice’s Mandate had been hundreds of kilometers away; how Aidan had come through unharmed was unknown but was a rare mercy from the Force.
  20. War had began, its drums beating through the chests of men as much as the mechanics of machines, the throbbing effects of explosions matching the pace of the mortal hearts. Shiro could feel the durasteel beneath his feet shift and rattle as the ripples echoed within, sweat beading upon his brow as he and the rest of the company moved in fluid motion in their turn to exit, the sound of their shift and stomp briefly drowning out the outward noises. The moment of truth was upon them as the relieved themself from their previous stature and headed toward a new destination, the unknowing weighing upon their minds as much as the determination to not fall this day ached within their hearts. Even Shiro refused to perish without taking as many as he could with him. As the monumental march of the company barreled down the hall way adjacent to the hangar bay past Launch Bays 44-46, Helms managed to find their ways upon their heads and HUDS were brought online as they prepared themselves for what surely awaited most of them, if not all, as silent prayers were mumbled beneath hidden breaths in numerous religions. But for Shiro, his heart pounding so loudly that it resounded in his ears, found himself strangely calm. It was a normal occurrence for the young humanoid before battle that he displayed on numerous accounts in the Arena, an ability to grasp upon his fears and anxiety and use them to drive himself, evident in his knee bouncing as he sat within the shuttle during it's release into open space. He would pour all the doubt, all the fear, all the anxieties he felt into himself, using that energy to heighten his alertness and double down on his reactions, letting the rush of the adrenaline that was pumping throughout him to fuel his actions. It was how he survived in the Arena, it was how he had survived most of his life, and hopefully, here today, it would be what caused him to survive once again and even into the future. Outside he could see and hear the ongoing conflict as the escort of fighters barreled down on enemy attackers as well as the shuttle brushed against and by lingering debris, some of the foregoers never having made their destination as bodies floated by the view ports signaling the roughness of the terrain and the Dauntless Class that was their target. It was only a matter of making it there before the real threat began. And in a twisted sense of irony, Shiro welcomed it to the thought of being shot down here and now.
  21. From the mercurial husk of the Lightbreaker, the Dark King could see the undivided expanse of the Sith superstructure as it broadened for miles in each direction. Mighty turbolaser columns were stretched across the breadth of the Black Scarab, opening with a hailstorm of raw energy that imperiously choked congested space. Spotted enemy warships were harshly gored, detonating them into unrecognizable heaps of ruin once they chanced entry into specific firing lanes. It was suicide to rear your head against the Dreadnought, most understood that by now. The coordination of the Sith-Imperial Armada operated under prolific efficiency, while the armaments attached to each formation and each task force, began to breach inlets to the inner orbits of Coruscant. The battlefield was sickening, engorged by death and clutter, worsening as the power flotilla stampeded forward. "Lord Emperor, integrity of the starfighter will suffer full exposure if engaged." "Pull me through." The image of the artificial intelligence appeared before the Emperor, washed in a computerized backdrop of calculations that bleated as the Lightbreaker accelerated towards the uncertain intensity of the chaos ahead. Hurried breath briefly fogged the inside of his navigational helmet, obscuring the displays before him for a brief moment before the digital pane re-calibrated and cleared the condensation. A chronograph bickered with sound as time moved forward, and once the strike team punched through that Dauntless, the timer would see a final conclusion. A high-pitched whine cut through the riot of space, followed by the unrestrained blare of compound explosions ripping through the enemy Heavy Cruiser. It was time, at last. A phantasmal energy crawled to life, smothering a large portion of the Heavy Cruiser. Operational luminosity throughout the entire warship flickered and then eclipsed into black. Indiscernible electromagnetic energy drowned the light from around them, and the immobilized warship became ripe for harvest. When the Dauntless fell dark, task forces hidden beneath the shell of the powerful Scarab, readily equipped for boarding operations, jumped into the fray and streamlined themselves one destination. Undoubtedly, it would be easier to blast the Dauntless into smithereens, but the potential to catch a Crusader of merit would be more than lucrative. “Advancing now.” The black-stone luster of the daedalian Lightbreaker shifted into a fierce acceleration, coordinates locked for the mammoth Dauntless. Azurean streaks of burned fuel trailed behind the starfighter as it launched itself recklessly into anarchy. The intelligence network installed inside the prized starship absorbed full reign of navigational system, Exodus surrendering his control over them and himself to the inebriation of the Dark Side. The Lightbreaker drove with impunity through the debris field, performing extraordinary maneuvers, jockeying the full weight of the machine to sweep passed the invariable trajectories of rock, wreckage, and hostile shelling. The Dark King commanded an exhaustive palette of the force, exercising a transparency of the battlefield by way of his foresight, envisioning the way forward. One hangar, and the action would begin.
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  24. The broken throne of the galaxy, Coruscant, rushed into view from the bridge of the Queen of Air and Darkness, one of the newly constructed Xian'tii war ships. The smell of salt water pervaded the air around Darth Nyrys, for most of the ship was, for lack of a better term, flooded to accommodate it's aquatic xeno crew. The crew in the command pool was excited for their first deployment, and somewhat relieved that it would be something less full scale than the battle at Dark Sun. The Queen and a Kuati task force of Ardent and Raider class ships took up position by the Dark Lord's ship, any threats would have to pass them before they could target the flagship. The Whispered Truth and the Brazen Verdict were further out, on the hunt for targets. Upon reaching planet side, Nyrys looked forward to evaluating her troops as they cut their teeth for the first time under her command. What she had was excellent material and fine tools to sculpt with, potential but not necessarily results. In time she would know what her soldiers were truly capable of, but first they had to land. She had never been to Coruscant, her father considered it a deathtrap with the constant wars and terrorist attacks, and certainly no place for a child. Rumor had it that the rogue lunatic Faust had finally truly broken the planet though, and the Crusaders were picking the corpse. The rumors may have been right, at least about the damage. Chunks of planet and moon propelled so far by the impact that they made orbit drifted lazily in the void. Traffic lanes had been replaced with the pandemonium of mass ship graveyards from failed attempts to escape the violence on the planet. Crusader corsair ships sized up the approaching darkness as it cast a shadow over their former spoils. Sensor feeds were constantly delivering new information, and one bit that surprised Nyrys was that while the Museum of Coruscant had been heavily damaged, the structure was still somewhat intact. While the suffering of the people on the surface was tragic, the museum housed objects of immeasurable cultural value that were irreplaceable. Nyrys's first objective was clear.
  25. Green Heavy Brawler Escort(capital ship, 1 XP) The Queen of Air and Darkness: A Reprisal class Xian’tii battleship that marked the beginning of Xian’tii ship designs seeing use in the Sith navy. Darth Nyrys personally vouched for the inclusion of more xeno sourced ship designs, and the Queen is her personal banner ship. The Queen’s heavy armor and unpredictable movements match Darth Nyrys’s own style in combat. While the ship itself is operated almost entirely by Xian’tii crewmembers, security is overseen by AVATAR proxies and a contingent of Ishi Tib marines. As a newer ship, discipline and professionalism are points of pride for the crew, and Darth Nyrys constantly leverages the fact that this is the first xeno designed ship to serve in the empire in decades to leverage better performance. The crew is well trained and idealistic, but lacks field experience. Green Destroyer Group[Missiles] (Two Cruisers, 1 XP) Whispered Truth and Brazen Verdict: A pair of Xian’tii Insidiator class cruisers that were deployed shortly after the Queen of Air and Darkness. While they are less concerned with legacy than the Queen, a professional rivalry that began in the training academy pushes both crews to achieve a competitive edge over the other. Both captains, despite their differences, follow the Xian’tii teachings of Makuta and make heavy use of guided missile strikes and mobile warfare. The Insidiator class cruiser, with its superior mobility and indirect fire weapons makes for an excellent tool to practice the Makuta martial philosophy. Green Defensive Escort (Four Frigates and Twelve Corvettes, 1 XP) Jendra’s Song, Atani’s Vigil, Xuri’s Resolve, and the Lucky Pair: A set of four Ardent class frigates repurposed for anti fighter duties, the ships seem out of place amongst the more alien ships often uses. However, Darth Nyrys is proud of her Kuati heritage and chose the ships to honor her father. Three of the ships are named after friends from her life before she joined the Sith, and the fourth name she hasn’t elaborated on. Darth Nyrys intentionally fosters an atmosphere of unprofessionalism and impropriety on the ships to combat the formation of stagnating hatred that drives men and women to sell their lives cheaply. The rebels will pay for their crimes at Kuat, but not at the cost of Kuat’s sons and daughters. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omicron, Upsilon,Theta, Sigma, Omega, Mu, Tau, Psi, Kappa: Accompanying the frigates are twelve Raider class corvettes. Corvette crews are “highly motivated” to perform their duties exceptionally so that they can get promoted off the ships and onto something that the other ship captains don’t refer to as “acceptable attrition”. Raiders are designed for hit and run ground support, but in fleet battle simulations so far they’re often ordered to “intercept” attacks on more valuable ships. Serving in one of the corvette groups is often considered a punishment, especially for crew transferred off of a larger vessel. Nicknamed coffin riders, command has already noticed trends indicating discipline issues and disorderly conduct problems are on the horizon.
  26. ((I have included basic 3d mock ups of the ships since they are not canon and I couldn't find anything comparable online through image search. Please pardon my terrible 3d art skills. Xian’tii Ships Xian’tii vessels are notorious for using designs that incorporate tendrils to allow for more elegant implementations of systems like shields and propulsion. This is primarily expressed in two different configurations, the defensive forward configuration that creates a shifting series of layered shields allowing for the crew to distribute incoming fire and blunt focused enemy attacks, and the evasive rear configuration that allows for superb maneuverability in ways that most other current ships simply aren’t capable of. The configurations are referred to as siren and lurker, respectively. No ship has both, due to power and budget constraints. Xian’tii ships have a very organic appearance, similar to the Mon Calamari designs, but with cephalopoidal traits and more predatory lines. Siren format ships tend to favor indirect fire weapons, or high power low fire rate weapons that can be set up to fire in coordination with the shield tendril movements. Lurker format ships are currently evaluating the pros and cons of aggressive forward firing arcs, evenly distributed firing arcs, and indirect fire weapons. Siren Vessels (Battleships/capital ships) Reprisal class battleship (Queen of Air and Darkness): Reprisal class ships are powerful defensive brawlers, built to escort high value ships and punish enemies that try to close in. Several armored shield tendrils protrude from the front of the ship, creating an ever changing pattern of interwoven energy shield plates. The main hull slants up and tapers off in the rear, making the ship one of the most squidlike in overall appearance, and while it uses standard laser cannons for point defense, its heavier ordnance is largely composed of indirect fire missiles and minecasters located on its “wings”. Lurker Vessels (Corvettes/Frigates/Cruisers) Insidiator class Cruiser (Whispered Truth): Insidiators are agile destroyers, largely resembling a more organic and sleeker take on the arrowhead design of star destroyers. The Insidiator is not a ship built for head to head attrition combat, instead relying on constant repositioning and precision missile fire to destroy enemies through speed and guile. Insidiators have a sophisticated forward sensor hub that is often mistaken for the main bridge, which in fact is located on the ship’s ventral side.
  27. Been a while indeed. I reckon 8 years...
  28. Beth let her smile slide off her face like ice on a griddle. The open air was starting to penetrate the exposed wound and was prickling at the bone underneath. Causing flashes of pain that felt like thin knives getting drawn up the length of her bones. She shuddered and sat down beside the two of them, feeling a little light headed. She sighed and lowered her head, taking the whole scene in with shallow breaths. “Exactly, i’m trying to avoid the bacta tank, can’t let them take me off the flight line. Not when there are Sith to blow up.” She looked at the non jedi, jedi and shrugged softly, her flightsuit rustling. “You will do your best no doubt I-” Then she groaned from the pain, biting onto her lower lip until it bled. “Gods this hurts.”
  29. Nia turned to face the newcomer, glancing back at Kel apprehensively. She suddenly felt like she was very much out of her league. She backed away, though very slightly. "Oh. I uh... I'm not sure. I'm not even really a Jedi yet." And yet when Kel asked her to help, she did. At the least, she could try. She wasn't sure of the morals of helping this woman avoid medical care, but it looked like she was in pain, even if it didn't show. She didn't know what to do, hardly even knew how to use the Force. But she knew enough to follow along. And after she called on the Force, it was almost natural to her. She'd always struggled with using the force for anything more than moving things around, but this was easier. Not without difficulty, but lacking the difficulty she'd had before. Whether it was a natural disposition for healing with the Force or thanks to Kel's teachings, she wasn't sure, but she'd speak of it with whoever she was assigned to learn under. In the mean time, she kept her eyes closed and focused on the task at hand.
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