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  2. THE SUM OF MY ENEMIES Serpentine were the eyes of the unruly King of the Dark. Searching, sweeping the battlefield that opened up from all around his naval forces, seeing much more than what the sense of vision alone could offer. What he saw was vastly unremarkable. He studied the commanders that barked their orders to fruition, surveying how the enemies behaved themselves in response, and how the impression of thousands of lives burning out in a single moment truly felt once more. There was a fury hidden inside of his features as such things crossed his mind, one that burned through his eyes in the color of bloodstone as he remained witness to the quaint conviction of his enemies. These were their ideals they chose to die behind, herding an alarming levy of sheep to perish for a single uninteresting woman. “Disappointing how the competence of my enemies has fallen so drastically low. Truly, times have changed.” The Emperor stood tall and moved to the center platform, his podium unnecessarily raised despite his already imposing stature. Upon his body he wore an umbrageous black cloak, hauntingly woven with a material that seemed polished with the shadows that followed his steps. The mantled robe was seamed brilliantly with an inner skin of aureated silk, swallowing the reflections of the flames that danced from the open braziers. Lord Exodus moved with the distinction of a tempered warrior-king, hardened and beaten by the savage realities of his homeworlds, yet never missing the grace of a single step in his stride. A breastplate, and shells of blackened Sith Metal sheathed particular areas of his torso, decisively fastened to his unruly vestment. From where he stood, he watched the workforce from beneath. On the vast holoprojectors, he too watched the many brave Onderonians who had once put their lives at great risk to ensure that their Empire would not be brought down by those who sought its destruction. He watched them all in contemplation, the masses gathered back home to see what would come of this battle. They waited on his word as if the sound of them were prophetic in nature, for his voice was rarely heard, but his brooding presence was always felt. "Today, we are gathered here as witnesses.." The tranquilizing voice of the Spider carried across an incredible expanse, magnified throughout Iziz through amplifiers built into the streets, and echoing within the very comms of the entire Sith-Imperial fleet. “To recognize the reckless abandon of the Jedi and their Galactic Alliance first-hand. They have sung the song of peace, hoping that their poisonous words ease us soundly to a sleep. Yet we find them in masses, razing the fields of Carida, wrangling unprovoked war to our homes on Onderon and now here, with incredible odds against our allies to save the skin of a single woman. Commendable I would say, if only the same conviction was shared when millions of lives were readily butchered on Coruscant and many more on Chandrila for good measure. They were nowhere to be found, while those gnawing Crusaders ate their innocents on the footsteps of their very own homes.” A brief pause, to allow the last parallels of his masterfully intoxicating voice to dissolve from the echoing walls. "I implore you to understand the vast military achievements of the men and women here, and around you, who have willingly laid down their lives to bring security and stability to our territories. For without them, this Empire would be nothing. It was they who contested the desecration at the scholarly temples of Carida, protected our sovereignty in Iziz City from the same war criminal that demolished Coruscant, and crushed those that would invade our homes above Onderonian space, bringing the Galactic Alliance and known Jedi to their knees. Without our brothers and sisters, those that stand readily at our side, this Empire does not exist." "We now know the true nature of our enemies, and yet we are the ones that possess the strength to keep them at bay, deservedly proven to rule the galaxy. It is the Empire, not the dominion of any failed Galactic Alliance, that brought back the rule of law to civilization. When you all came to the edge of all of the light you've ever known, and decided to step off into the darkness of the unknown with me; you believed that one of two things would happen. You would have something solid to stand on, or you would be urgently taught how to fly. For that is what it means to be Imperial, that is what it means to be Sith, to have the strength to do what must be done even if it exacts a heavy toll upon us. Because we are a strong people, we will bear this burden as we have all others, and eradicate those that stand in our way." The Sith Emperor raised his fist high, and was imitated by the hundreds of thousands in attendance from the fleet and Iziz City. A collective roar echoed throughout the masses, armies and audience altogether, mimicking a victorious battle cry that drowned out the rumblings of war. Adrenaline shock-waved through the swarm intelligence of the Sith armies, and excitement through triumph riveted the connectivity of home-world and the shared fleets. Exodus spoke with passion, but the darkness that seethed in his bones disallowed him the thrill of emotion. The Anzati inside of him flared with predatory instinct, appraising the immediacy of any threat within the distractions of celebration. The revelry increased regardless, and the power of the Sith-Imperial Fleets roared with brilliance. Exodus stepped from the podium, rounding a pass of stairs that would exit him from the grand stage. An escort of highly-decorated Heavy Sith Troopers shadows his steps in a protective formation, as leery as hounds in the wake of the Dark King. Grand doors opened quickly, decompressing loudly, and revealing a blood-drenched prodigy of the Sith. "..Lady Nyrys," Exodus cracked a sinister smile.
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  4. Damn the cruisers Delta stood at the holomap table, his red cloak marking him as the commander from the immaculately dressed if nervous bridge crew. His bright blue eyes took in the scene and his inevitable defeat was written all over his face in a grimace. He pointed to the TAC officer who stood straight, her eyes looking at his hand as he spun the finger around in a circle pointing up. She clicked the heels of her boots together in a smart gesture of acknowledgement then strode to her console. The Blood Prince next looked to the rest of the crew gathered around the holomap his eyes found the chief weapons officer. “Concentrate fire on the Steadfast as we make our retreat towards the Sith fleet.” The officer nodded and relayed the command to the rest of the fleet and batteries aboard the Holofernes. “Comms.” This was said to the nervous redheaded girl whose cybernetic unit forced her cap back at the rear. She nodded. And Delta spoke his order. “Command the Victories to slow and turn, keep the enemy fighters and bombers off our rear as well as the remaining fast frigates from the Jedi. And Command the Saint Cathryne to stick with us, using her cluster bombs to keep the rabble off us until we reach the safety of the Super Star Destroyer.” He looked to the GAC, who commanded the starfighters. “Scramble everything we have left to cover our retreat. Do not force and engagement, I doubt the Jedi want very much to loose more men on the eve of their victory.” And with the orders given, the remains of the Black Sun fleet pushed out from the encircling Allied forces, the two untouched star destroyers flanking the MC30c and the Marie using its afterburner package to dart into safety. The victories held their location, sacrificing themselves for as long as they could to allow the rest of the fleet to escape. One would likely surrender when the Star Destroyers were outside of danger. And Delta couldn't blame the captain for that. There was one thing that haunted him from the battle. The Black Sun Armada was crushed, and the Black Sun was now defenseless and at the mercy of its allies and enemies.
  5. Zaan smiled at the zeal of the newcomer knowing that there was so much more for him to discover. "Come, then, let us get you settled and I will introduce you into the classes with the others." For the next several hours, the two of them went throughout the Temple on various tasks. First was to properly record his entrance into the Jedi Temple as an Aspirant, then to get quarters and training garments assigned to Tai. Though it was not intentionally obvious, while this process was undergoing, biometric scans were taken of the young man and run through every affiliated recognition system the Jedi had access to in order to filter out possible Sith infiltrators and to build an actual profile on the newcomer. It was a shame that such actions had to be taken, but there were always those who wished ill in the Galaxy. As soon as Tai was able to be settled into his quarters and get some food, Knight Zaan met him to escort him to the first of his training classes. This particular class was designed for those Aspirants who were fresh to the Temple. The longest any had been here was only a few weeks. The ages of the students ranged from young children all the way to older adults: the Jedi did not care about age so much as connection and knowledge of the Force. All were new to the Jedi way and were on the same level. Knight Tealg, a kindly older human woman, entered the room and began the class. For the next several weeks, Tai would attend this and other classes that gave him a range of knowledge from the history of the Jedi to the basic concepts of the Force. He was taught and allowed to reach out to feel the Force, but for now, until he learned to control himself, he was discouraged from using the Force to do anything further. In time, he would be able to develop his skills further, but he needed to learn the basics more. He was also given an opportunity to ask questions and focus his studies a little more on what interested him.
  6. The door slid open and large amethyst eyes stared back at the Jedi Knight. The one time Empress of the imperial remnant sat stoically in the obese man’s lap, her eyes the only thing that showed her joy at seeing an allied face. Despite her much revealing state of undress she simply smiled and pulled away from the commander as he agreed to the Jedi’s demands. She bowed, pulling one arm up to keep the scraps of black cloth covering her chest. She was bloody, one arm and one leg completely flayed of skin from a week befores torture. The wounds wept blood, and stung from the touch of the cold air of the station but she ignored them. She was free, and though she doubted that the price had been worth the payment of so many lives, she was grateful. Her voice was dry and cracked sounding, likely from the days of screaming from the torture at the hands of the black sun. “Thank you master Jedi. I am in your debt.” That by itself took most her strength, and exhaustion mixed with nerves was beginning to take place of her stoic composition. She stumbled out of the door of her cell and collapsed against the wall of the white tiled tunnel. Her body overcome with wracking sobs. Blood still dripping onto the tiles from her flayed arm and legs.
  7. His head tilted to one side, the reverberation from the thermal detonator sounded down the hallway the Jedi were in. As soon as the flash and noise subsided, his eyes fixed on the hole in the floor it had just left. Instantly there were Jedi leaping through the hole and down another level. Tobias let the others jump through first, taking another moment to check in with everyone. The Barabels were pressing forward towards the prison level after the 9-9 crew started to flank the enemy. Shuttle 5-5 crew has fended off the last of the security forces and had the credit vaults secured near the bottom of the station. Distracted, he jumped down the new hole to the level below. He was caught off guard with the drop, it was a longer drop than he anticipated, but he recovered quickly. Rolling to mitigate the fall, he decided to evaluate how close they were to Raven. They were right on top of her. One level left to go, it seemed. Odd, but a welcome de He checked in with the Barabels and shuttle 9-9, despite casualties, the level below the prison block was secured. The others were moving through the vaults to take on engineering. He ordered the Barabels to make their way to the main entry point for the prison block, Tobias would meet them there. ~~ The guards heard the knocking at the door from the turbo lift, and the hissing. The reptilian crew of Jedi were trying to spook the guards, and it was working. The guards were scared, a dozen in the main chamber. More down the corridor, and the other prisoners were also scared, they could vaguely hear but the effect was universal. Vos reached out to the Imperial Head-of-State, gauging her situation. Stable for now. The thermal detonator flashed, and the deck piece separating the last of the Jedi forces on the level above, a flash grenade went off. With a Force suggestion from Vos, they all swarmed the prison level. He and nearly sixty Jedi dropped into and throughout the prison level. ~~~ Shuttles 3-4 and 2-2 went to assist with the crew of shuttle 5-5 in the banking levels. Those 150 or so Jedi and soldiers would hold the area and make sure any attack the station defenses couldn’t breach their perimeter. Once that was accomplished 3-4 and 2-2 would make their way down through the vaults and into engineering. As it happened, right as Vos and crew were dropping into the prison level, both crews were moving to engineering. ~~ Shuttles 4-4, 6-7 and 8-6 were keeping pressure on the upper tiers of the station. Swarming the Officers Quarters, Briefing Rooms and Armories. Constantly putting pressure on the station defenses. Just enough to keep the bridge crews in place, unless they surrendered, of course. ~~ A contingent of 5-6 made sure to keep an eye on the hanger, from the shadows of course. The battle outside was turning, and it would be good to see if the Black Sun and Sith tried to reinforce the station. ~~ Tobias sighed as the few sounds of fighting died away. Any padawan could feel that the other cells were full of people, scared and defeated. There wasn’t any choice in the matter, they would be coming with the Jedi. Dishing out orders for the Jedi to escort the prisoners back to their shuttles, Tobias decided to risk resetting one of the shuttles. If it was his, they’d all die of decompression sickness with the breaches they had cut and blown into the station, but there was another option. Calling over the comm, he got shuttle 8-6 to reposition to the prison level. As the craft latched to the hull and bore into the station there was a wave of panic and terror from the civilian prisoners. As soon as the hatch was sealed to the shuttle, the Jedi began to open the cells, using lightsabers or the force to open them and escort the prisoners to safety. Discussing it briefly, Tobias and his small crew decided to come in from all angles on the prison cell that held Raven and… others. After everyone was moved onto the shuttle, Tobias knocked on the final door- Raven’s. Tobias pinched the bridge of his nose and then gave a signal to move forward. A barabel reached out to activate the door controls and it slid slowly to the side revealing the interior- Raven was on some man’s lap with a gun pointed to her head, along with four other guards their weapons pointed in the same direction. As Tobias entered he stretched out his hands in a non-aggressive stance, he took one step into the room - without making a sound- careful not to startle or come off as too hostile with his body posture. . “Head of State Zinthos, good to see you again. Your friend must be… the commander of the station? With four of your closest guards? My terms are simple; let her go, right now; and give me the command codes for the station- all of them. If you do that, each of you will be allowed to leave here alive.” Jedi inside and outside the station were taking loses, and if the commander was so concerned with his own fate he might give in gracefully and enabling Tobias to turn the battle in a different direction. He knew there would be a silent battle going on as each of the four guards would contemplate shooting Raven right off the bat, or shooting the commander to secure their own fate. TL:DR- Black Sun station(18 levels total); Command Structure/Private Hanger (4 Levels) Officers Quarters/Briefing Rooms/Armory (2 Levels) Prison Level (1 Level) Hangers (1 Level) Banking/Security (1 Level) Scrooge McDuck Credit Vaults(8 Levels) Engineering (1 Level) Jedi Forces within the station are taking loses, but securing key positions. Office Quarters/Armories, Banking/Security, Prison levels belong to Jedi. Two shuttles of Jedi (80 after casualties) are moving to engineering. Jedi Sentries are moving to observe hangar bays. Three shuttles worth of troops are putting pressure on the top 5 levels of station defenses. Contact with Raven established.
  8. Tai was confident after he heard this. He couldn't wait to start his training and new lifen No said tai I understand everything
  9. From the small side viewport on the shuttle she had evacuated on, Adenna watched as the Adi-Wan erupted in a series of massive explosions. Thousands had either elected to remain on the ship or had otherwise been unable to evacuate in time. There was a small sense of satisfaction when one of Black Sun's Victory Star Destroyers shared a similar fate shortly after, but overall, Adenna was not happy to have lost so many. With both fleets engaged at point blank range, the sight was something to truly behold. Had she not been feeling the pricks and stings of death with each fiery flower, she would have found the scene to be truly breathtaking. She had seen battles before, but nothing on this scale. She turned away from the viewport as the shuttle's weaving maneuvers increased and everything in it was just a dizzying blur. For the moment, she was completely useless to the battle's outcome and had to put her faith in the commissioned officers that were still in command. The Jedi forces, in an effort to put distance between themselves and the Sith fleet while providing a protective sphere around Dark Sun Station, had rushed in towards the Black Sun forces at full speed and didn't stop once they were among their enemy. For the last several minutes, the two had been engaging fire at rapidly decreasing distances and alarmingly increasing deadliness. When the two fleets passed within mere kilometers of each other, the firefight reached its zenith as neither side was missing targets. Rows of hull plating were ripped off of ships on both sides by the intense fire as interior lights and gravity flickered or went dark. The Marauder corvette Ataru took an intense barrage that overwhelmed its shields and splintered its spine within a handful of seconds. Its two wings were hurled in opposite directions as its front bridge tumbled forward due to its momentum. The Nebulon-B Crystal Heart shields buckled for a moment allowing it to take damage along its front downward facing in, but the ship remained intact and advancing forward with the rest of the fleet. It wouldn't be doing much fighting the rest of the battle and its captain would continue its path past Dark Sun Station and away from the fight until they could calculate a safe hyperspace trajectory to safety. The Carrack frigate Jar-Kai maneuvered between the Rhoads and the Totenkopf II. While it unleashed terrible salvos against both corvettes, it took damage from their return fire and from the larger Black Sun destroyers and was now bleeding oxygen, bodies, and parts of its interior from multiple places on its hull. It was hurt, but the hardy ship wasn't quite out of the fight. All of the Jedi forces in Fleet Group One and its accompanying Relief Flotilla took a beating but the intensity of the bombardment quickly lessened as the two fleets flew through each other's formation and were presenting mostly engines at each other. Starfighters and bombers continued their dance with each other. While most of Black Sun's fighter forces were engaged with the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant fighters, the Jedi fighters from Fleet Group One and the Relief Flotilla focused on defense from the overbearing Sith fighters. That allowed the fighters from Fleet Group Two to join the main fight and engage in sortie runs against the Black Sun fleet. X-wings launched multiple coordinated torpedo barrages against the enemy Star Destroyers hoping to knock out weapons batteries or engines, but they soon ran out of ordinance and resorted to extremely close range strafing runs that cost them fighters. Even as the main Jedi force was passing through and away from the Black Sun Fleet, the practically untouched Nebula Star Destroyer Justice's Mandate and its three escorts from Fleet Group Two were rapidly passing the disabled Dark Sun Station and joining the fight. Their primary objective was to drive the Black Sun fleet away from Dark Sun Station and the damaged Jedi and Galactic Alliance fleets and keep the Sith checked. While they couldn't handle things alone, Commodore Neldis hoped that with the combined--though battered--Allied forces remaining, they would be able to at least make a showing for themselves. And, should the Sith advance and engage, he and the Grandmaster had an extremely risky but potentially effective plan for dealing with them. He didn't particularly want to try the tactic at this messy stage, but it might be needed if the Sith pressed the attack. The fleet needed to give their boarding parties on Dark Sun Station more time. Summary: Main Jedi forces advance full speed through Black Sun lines and are now between Black Sun's fleet and the station. The damaged forces are joined by the barely touched Fleet Group Two with 1 capital, 2 frigates, and a corvette Most Jedi fighters are engaging Sith fighters and bombers. Some Jedi fighters have joined the remaining Jedi bombers in continuing to harass the Black Sun forces attacking weapons batteries on the capital ships. Adi-Wan and the corvette Ataru are fully destroyed, the frigate Crystal Heart is heavily damaged and out of the fight but not destroyed. All ships in the main Jedi force are damaged, losing shield effectiveness and weapons capacity. Jedi forces will not pursue Black Sun forces that are able to move forward and join the Sith fleet, but any remaining near the station or that are unable to evacuate will be attacked until they surrender or are destroyed.
  10. Aleria maintained the focus she held on the force around her and took a deep breath, exhaling through her nose. She grazed the switch to her built-in shoulder light -- deactivating it -- and centered her still active mind on the Sith that stood barely a stone's throw away. She shifted from a cross-guard position to a deeper ready stance with her dominant foot forward. Her eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, but there was more than one way for a Jedi to keep track of someone. And the Sith was not hiding his energy. She was shifting, following him with her body to greet his offensive but it seemed like he was taking his time. With transparent fingers, Aleria deactivated her right saber and sent it careening through the black of the open hangar, keeping the metal cylinder trained in her mind, using only her attachment to it to hold it steady. Then she resumed her ready stance with only her left saber, keeping a close watch on the Sith. While she awaited the first bout, Aleria caught a small pop through the din. Glass clattered to the floor and a small spike in the force told her it wasn't natural. The Sith just popped a fluorescent bulb that was already mostly burned out due to the Rebel's ion barrage. The level of light was only marginally affected. And Aleria was thoroughly confused. Did he want to break glass to strike fear into me or something? "Tell me, Jedi. Do you fear what lurks in the dark?" Aleria had to clamp her lips together to avoid the laugh that rushed to her lips. Was this guy for real? Did he not know that the station was already dark and had been for at least ten minutes now? She couldn't help the awful rebuttal but held her tongue until the right moment. When the Sith sprung from where he stood and lept toward her right side, Aleria stood her ground, shifted her weight to balance herself against her assailant, and clicked the button to her shoulder mounted light as she turned, projecting the full cone of light directly at where the Sith's face was based on his momentum and trajectory. Then, as the blade of his light saber triggered, she caught the Sith's arm at the wrist when it would've made contact against her metal prosthetic. "Nah, I prefer the light side of things." Aleria said, keeping all of the humor in her smile despite her struggle against the fit of giggles that fought to burst through her cheeks. Instead of keeping the Sith in her grip, she let his strike continue and countered his saber with the saber in her left hand and stepped back, using her weight to keep her grounded. The clash of blue and lavender made a a wild bright surge creating a build up of heat. But even as sweat built on her brow, Aleria was smiling. ((1))
  11. The old cantina was but a small outcrop that squeezed itself between the seams of the newer establishments, sticking out like a bruised toe against the many more popular options that now made themselves available after the war. Development in Iziz was at an all-time high, and opportunists from every wretched corner insisted on leaving their mark. Familiar faces enjoyed the company of familiar faces, and those that frequented this particular bar knew the smell of fresh meat all too well. "..Yer none the better trading in rumors, darling. Yer super-guy might be fixing you for a bad time, naming things to strangers that you darn sure shouldn't be naming. Unless yer one of them witches now, that's what they'll be needing up them ways. Hair like fire I tell you, pretty face too, ain't never seen you around these parts.. But-but what was it you said you did again?" His haggard and heavy face drew closely to her own, promising the full punch of his alcohol-sweetened breath to roll delicately off of his sour tongue and into her little button nose. The old man had tired feel about him, his features sagging and his voice nearly coaxing black smoke from out of his throat. His bald head was the shiniest thing he owned, and judging by the fill of dirt between his nails, probably the cleanest. He dressed himself in typical civilian attire too, except his was more worn and worked in, loosely keeping to his old bones. He had a knowing look about his brown eyes though, eyebrows intrusively questioning her place here amongst thieves.
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  13. Dev notes: *Cough* Well then. Final update before release indeed. This update sees a change to heavy losses and wiped out penalties to more forgiving versions. Originally the cost of a task force wipe was intentionally super harsh to make players give more weight to tactical retreats, but I think it also would have fed into player frustration at an unhealthy rate. Heavy Losses now encourages players to explore other task force roles, while a total loss only incurs a one level penalty, rather than a total reset. Calculating heavy losses for capital ships and specialist ships with support was also clarified. Flagships, on the other hand, became more valuable in the long run and more devastating to lose, to better reflect why the command ship should be a high value target. The cap on upgrades was removed, which will help with later content... Asset Denial was made more fluffy by requiring shields to be down on their target. Disabled was also better defined, and the two hits to disable a cap ship limitation was removed to make up for the shield limitation. A cap on escorts was applied to avoid hi jinks. Abilities for Battleline Escort and Hellriders were changed to reflect new rules for heavy losses and total wipes. Alpha pitch for task forces Task Forces (all of these are task forces, names are for flavor) (Targeted removal charts will be located at the bottom of the doc for easier comparison and formatting) Ship scaling: A Task Force is 6 points worth of ships. One capital ship is 6 points, meaning that it comprises the entire task force. One cruiser is 3 points, meaning that a task force can either have two cruisers or one cruiser and smaller support ships. One frigate is 1 point. Six corvettes are 1 point. Removal effects and ship health Starfighter Actions
  14. The wet crunch of a body hitting the deck brought Nyrys out of her indulgent reverie. Her meal came back to his senses and briefly started screaming before she tore out his throat with her teeth. The ragged tear let loose a stream of hot blood, like popping the cap off of a shaken carbonated beverage, and still rather in the moment, Nyrys laughed gleefully. The wound on her abdomen had closed, and only ached dully thanks to the sudden infusion of consumed vitality. Even before she looked, part of her knew who it was that fell, but seeing the broken form of the Jedi settled a great deal of worry in her heart. It was the Sith way to let apprentices stand or fail on their own merit, but if Drago had been lost today it would cost the Sith more than just another sword arm. The apprentice had a true gift for Sith alchemy that could yield exponential returns on the investment of training him, provided he survived long enough to reap those benefits. For a brief moment the astral form of the Jedi was visible, before it rejoined the Force, or whatever it is that Jedi do when they go all blue and see through. Probably something involving drum circles and deep discussions on how pleasantly unassuming the color beige is. Hard pass. She had been too young to really dwell on her own mortality before, but it now occurred to her that immortality was a very real goal that she could achieve. Putting aside the factionalist rhetoric, Nyrys knew on a personal level that her choice would always be to viscerally experience life over sterilely understanding it. Examining life had only ever brought her fear, doubt, and self loathing. The Jedi claimed to serve the natural order, but what if that order was fundamentally flawed or otherwise imperfect? If so many people didn’t fit into the Jedi’s worldview, was it really representative of the natural truth of the galaxy, or just another incomplete splinter of an unknowable divine truth? If one thing was certain, it was that Nyrys wasn’t going to silently fade away to appease one wacko cult’s dogmatic vision. Like so many others, she came into this galaxy broken, but that wouldn’t keep her from fighting like hell to make a place for herself in it. Her apprentice approached her, as polite and proper as ever, despite having just cut a man to pieces. “My wound was entirely on account of a shistaven with a way too big vibro-scimitar, and not on anything you did or didn’t do. You have slain a worthy opponent in single combat with no aid. Arise, Darth Truaillidh, for in claiming your place in the galaxy through murder you have earned a place in the legacy of the Darth name. Now see to your own wound, I don’t think I need to lecture you on the hazards of untreated burns. After you have been tended to I will present you to the Dark Lord, if it suits him.” Darth Nyrys departed the bay with pride in her apprentice, and headed to the bridge to learn the current state of the space battle.
  15. The Jedi died well, though if he was honest he had hoped he would not have to kill him at all. The opportunity to speak to a Jedi, to unravel their psyche and learn why they were the way they were would have been a great boon to his research. Sadly that option was no longer viable. Standing over the fallen Jedi, Drago used the force to slowly probe his wound and place a moderate shield over it to prevent infection or the possible loss of blood should he somehow tear the wound open. It was in those moments that he saw the Jedi, or he saw the image of the Jedi through the force as it stood over its own body. Force spirits, or ghosts, were something he had read of and wondered about the validity of. Yet here he stood. Looking to the Spirit Drago saluted the fallen Jedi. After paying his fallen foe due respect and watching the spirit fade from view Drago walked over to the corpse and arranged it in an appropriate position he retrieved the Jedi's light saber and searched the body for any other useful items. After recovering what appeared to be everything of value (see Jek Character sheet) Drago returned to his masters side. She appeared to have been wounded in the fight but was still standing. Walking to her side he knelt before her and presented the light saber of the fallen Jedi. "Master I have managed to defeat the Jedi Knight that had taken the high ground of the cat walk. I am sorry that my delay resulted in you suffering injury. If there is anything I can do to mitigate your damage or pain you have only to ask. " Waiting for her response he quickly took int the surrounding conflict and began to formulate his potential next move. It would be an interesting thing to test his skill against non force users. He was curious to see the extend he could influence the biology of a non-cooperative creature. But that would have to wait. For now he must server his master and assure that she makes it through the conflict, even if he did not.
  16. / / A R M I S T I C E "Like rodents, they scatter.." Strands of hair colored deeply in a stain of rosewood red retreated down the fullness of his shoulders and puddled loosely into his armored lap, unfailingly illustrating the bleeding of innocent lives that the Galactic Alliance enforced. Exodus brushed aside the locks that itched his inexpressive features, sparing no form of compassion for the lives lost by the second. “These people, all of these people can see the wickedness of the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance. Their acts of hostilities to preserve one life over the lives of hundreds of thousands, the willingness to sacrifice the greater many over the selfishness of one. They are no longer bound by honor, they have become what they are mortally sworn to fight against.” An advisor to the Dark Lord spoke freely, with a voice that sounded like it had been chiseled from stone. “You have foreseen this, my Lord. And now they all see it too.” The atmosphere above Iziz City had warmed since the days of their departure, a restorative downpour of rainfall and the rumble of storms in the distance. Nevertheless, the streets of the Sith-Imperial capital city was crowded beyond measure with an attraction that summoned all, governed tightly by the forces of an unprecedented Imperial militia. Black and crimson banners displaying the conjoined crests of the Axis Fleet gestured restlessly from the highest of towers, heaving powerfully in the winds that swept them. Tremendous projectors lined every corner within reach of the Imperial Palace, displaying feeds from the Battle at Dark Sun Station, an even that had drawn each and every citizen of Onderon from miles to watch. “Voss, I am just a stranger, in an even stranger land. Their faces are all unfamiliar, and their names and customs are alien to me. In Iziz, many gather in the streets and cheer for a power that they do not understand, for a strength that promises protection, at the cost of their freedoms. I am King of Onderon, the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Great Devourer of the Light. Many whisper that I am a true Emperor of Darkness, yet a Liberator of the People.” Exodus laughed softly, quietly flashing the winter-white of his sharp teeth, remembering vividly the sentient hunts that he and his Anzati kin inherently enjoyed. “I am no one, Voss. Remember that when I break the frail nature of this pathetic galaxy.” Back on the metropolitan streets of Iziz, and before the houses of Sith worship, the impressive might of an entire host of Sith-Imperial forces paid careful attention. An unbounded measure of the highly-praised Imperial Legion in their elegant war-trappings, arranged themselves in standard formations while they cheered for their allies in victory. Whether the feeds were delayed, or streamed with constant intervals of disruption, the masses roared with an exuberance that resembled that of the last time Onderon space was invaded, and victory followed. Troopers of honored rank stalked among the rows, accompanied by the sinister decadence of the sparing Sith that loomed nearby. Each and every one of them had cause to rejoice, for this would mark the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. The composite brawn of the Sith Fleet laid into the remnants of the Adi-Wan and cleaved a mercurial level of destruction onto the vessel. An inorganic detonation of the capital ship consumed the panoramic distance that still divided the Axis Fleet from their reunification. Ravings of star-fighters hemmed the borders of the destruction, eating away at survivors without mercy and carving a territorial perimeter in which to secure the position of the Blood Prince with. The remaining warships within the Sith Fleet would mark anything within range, and shred them to pieces if it threatened the collateral of their allied assets. The Kyber itself endured the worst of the first detachment, but excellently positioned itself to trigger another round of devastation if the opposition did not heed their very visible warning. Predictability would reward none on the battlefield, and a statement here and now would enlighten the rest of the galaxy to the horrors of the Galactic Alliance, mirroring that of the Crusaders. The Sith Empire had averted disaster once more, and the people could once again see it for themselves. (Terms were agreed upon, let's have fun narrating the rest of this.)
  17. "This is true," said Zaan. "The Jedi seek to help others and bring peace, but that is not all the Jedi do. More important than anything is harmony with the Force. We serve the light side of the Force, the Living Force, and not the other way around. The Sith seek to bend the Force itself to their will and use it for selfish reasons, the Jedi listen to the Force itself and follows where it leads. "There are many paths within the Jedi Order. Some, such as myself, seek to help those who have just discovered the Force. Others teach and train those Padawans so they may become Jedi Knights. There are some who wish to study and meditate upon the Force and seek new answers, or who wish to live among a select population and offer guidance as best as they can. Some among the Jedi believe that violence is never the answer, but seek peace both within themselves and in others. There are a few, including our new Grandmaster, who believe that the Sith must be fought directly and in turn become soldiers rather than simple monks. No single path is right for everyone, and the Jedi would not force any to follow a path they do not feel called to. "I am but the start of your journey, the guide who will help you learn about options available to you. For a time, you will study among others who are like you and new to the Temple. You will learn about the basics of the Force, how to reach out and touch it, and the philosophy that binds all Jedi together. Do well and show the needed aptitude and you will eventually catch the eye of a Knight or Master who will take you on as a Padawan and further complete your training. Should you not show the needed skills in the Force, and there is no shame in it, there are always places here among the Order for you to help and contribute your skills to the greater good. "Do you have any questions for me?"
  18. Dev notes: A lot of this was balance fine tuning, fixing things that got broken while fixing other things. Two new task forces were added, to give more defensive options and also to give corvettes more time in the spotlight. For initial roll out we are discussing players running two task forces just to provide room for more granularity until we see more community growth. While we still want to work on the readability of the rules, most likely this is what you will be using for launch, in terms of mechanics and systems. Alpha pitch for task forces (Targeted removal charts will be located at the bottom of the doc for easier comparison and formatting) Task Forces (all of these are task forces, names are for flavor) Removal effects and ship health Starfighter Actions
  19. ((At time of submission construction has not yet started)) Collectively referring to the lands and home that Darth Nyrys keeps on Onderon, Afon Saffir is a roughly thousand acre holding secreted below the surface of the planet. To any visitor however, Afon Saffir appears to be an especially verdant forest area with an impossibly vibrant blue river running through it. The estate that sits at the center of the cavern is nothing short of palatial, designed to host grand gatherings and accommodate a small army of guests. Within its structure is concealed a central support column, however towers throughout the domain act as redundant sources of structural integrity. The “sky” of Afon Saffir is emulated through a combination of technology and sorcery, and while all visitors generally are seeing the same instance of illusionry, Nyrys can single people out to create separate instances. Generally though, the sun rises with her and sets as she prepares to retire. Her ire often brings simulated storms, and sadness brings rain from concealed irrigation lines. The world revolves around her in this place, and veteran guests say it’s far wiser to keep an eye on Darth Nyrys’s moods than any chronometer. Heavy mists are commonplace throughout the hold, but the astute may notice that certain areas remain permanently blanketed. These places contain the less pleasant aspects of Afon Saffir such as altars of ritual sacrifice and the labs of trusted Krath who provide prey for hunts and provide vessels for Nyrys’s most valued inner circle. Guests to Afon Saffir can largely be divided into four groups, fellow Sith, warriors of some measure of repute, individuals of remarkable physical beauty, and people of interest to Darth Nyrys. Nyrys tends to be selective about which Sith she invites to Afon Saffir, as even though she often treats her guests as toys, they are still her toys, and she does not take kindly to others breaking them. Warriors who are summoned to Afon Saffir come from varied and diverse cultures, and are often given the opportunity to display their martial talents through duels and hunts. Darth Nyrys cultivates a selection of beautiful people both to amuse her guests and to examine potential candidates to serve as future vessels, treating her favorites more like pets and gifts to be given than actual people. Those who humor her behavior or at least endure it obediently can find themselves reaping rewards in the form of expensive gifts and opportunities to achieve meteoric rises in status through making the right contacts and marriages to powerful individuals. Among the warriors summoned to Afon Saffir are promising imperial officers, and Nyrys has no reservations about fast laning their careers and social prospects in exchange for favors to be collected at a later date. Should one of Nyrys’s “pets” offend her or her favored guests, or otherwise displease her, they are given to the Krath, either to become a Sithspawn for a future hunt or to live out the rest of their existence as a horrible monstrosity. Not everyone is at Afon Saffir to serve a purpose however, and it is not uncommon for Nyrys to summon entertainers and creatives from the entertainment sector to speak with them (sometimes summon can be better interpreted as abduct). Going to or leaving Afon Saffir is far from a traditional travel booking. Anyone that wishes to make a transition and is approved is offered a sedative that keeps them unconscious during the actual transit, both to play into the narrative that Afon Saffir is a dream world and to keep its location secret. Guests are searched thoroughly for tracking and communication devices during this time, although Sith in good standing with Nyrys are allowed to retain all of their possessions. The Dark Lord of course has full access without any of the pageantry. New arrivals awaken in an outdoor canopy bed just on the perimeter of the estate, with attendants to help them adjust to their new surroundings. Requests to leave are usually granted, unless Nyrys has taken a particular interest in the person, although even in these cases her attention is often mercifully fleeting as long as she doesn’t feel disrespected. A large portion of the estate has an open air design, with fountain dotted plazas, intimate hedge wall gardens with carefully cultivated flowers, pools and artificial hot springs that run with the same impossibly blue waters as the central river. Grand banquet areas allow for lavish dinner parties should the mood strike Nyrys. An arena for more martial entertainment awaits with well maintained weapons of innumerable cultures. After all, entertaining guests outside is far more manageable when you control the weather. The interior portion of the estate can be divided into four sections, the visitors’ suites, the resident staff quarter, the receiving area, and the private rooms. The visitors’ suites could easily be likened to a luxury hotel, with beautifully decorated and fully stocked rooms for Nyrys’s guests to retire to. At least on the surface. While guests of special importance may be given private rooms with no form of observation, most will be shown to rooms blissfully unaware that their every word and action is being recorded, largely for blackmail insurance should Nyrys ever need leverage. A special ventilation system allows for specific rooms to be filled with a variety of mood and reality altering chemicals, both for the purposes of testing new concoctions and Nyrys tacitly expressing her displeasure with a guest. The servants quarters accommodates both organic and HRD droid servants, with both routinely undergoing mind wipes for security reasons. The servants are paid employees, rather than slaves, as slavery still carries too many associations with xenophobic policies and beliefs, to make use of it. They are paid well for their services and know that memory wipes are a routine part of their job. Upon completion of their agreement a final wipe is performed and they are transported to the capital with their earnings and a document with a vague degree of explanation. Predation on the staff is likely to earn Nyrys’s ire, as they keep her fantasy land running. The receiving area is a semi-private section of the estate, restricted to Nyrys and a select few special guests, usually Sith that have earned Nyrys’s respect. This area has a great deal less pageantry, and sports a more casual vibe for guests that are actually in her true social circle. Nyrys is more likely to directly and genuinely interact with people in this section, rather than simply playing the role she does out on the estate grounds. She keeps a second room in this section for dalliances, choosing to keep her most private space truly private. This area also houses amenities like a private training area, smithing forge, and secluded dining room for more personal meals. The private rooms are her personal sanctuary, her last defense against the non stop fever dream that she has created here. A collection of eight HRDs reside here, taking turns masquerading as Nyrys when the attentions of her guests become too overwhelming. When not on decoy duty, they attend to her needs as she recovers in isolation and does all of the things that her public persona does not allow for. While well decorated and comfortably furnished, the private rooms offer no hidden sorceries or special amenities at current, they’re simply a place for her to breathe, eat way too much desert in one sitting, and watch holovids that she has already seen countless times. Afon Saffir’s most defining feature is its brilliant blue river, its waters seeming unnatural in their vivid color. Most likely because they are. The river is infused with the sacrificial life force of both war prisoners and willing supplicants, saturating it with preternatural vitality. For guests untrained in the Force or not sensitive to it, the water is like bacta, spice, and the fountain of youth rolled into one. To imbibe or bathe in it is to have the body’s youthful vigor restored, lose inhibitions, and become captive to emotion. Guests who use the river’s properties heavily have been known to have difficulty focusing, keeping track of time, memory issues, and in some extreme cases, developing what’s referred to as the Saffir Look (Pale skin, pronounced canines, lean features, cannibalistic tendencies, and most notably eyes the same color as the Sapphire River’s water). To reach that state is to be fully bound to the will of Darth Nyrys, who treats them as beloved hunting hounds despite their retained sentience. Practitioners of the Dark Arts can use the waters more safely, drawing on the vital essences to power sorceries and speed the recovery of wounds without losing themselves to the water’s influence. The Sapphire Water only works within the boundaries of Afon Saffir, any attempts to remove it render it inert. Outside of hunts, duels, tourneys, and Nyrys’s mercurial whims, violence is forbidden at Afon Saffir. The concentration of so many warriors from different cultures in one place has made having control over the bloodshed a necessity. Any combatant who sees someone harassing another guest is expected to intervene and detain the individual for Nyrys’s judgement. Additionally, there are visible and hidden guards throughout most of the estate grounds. Some of the aforementioned towers serve as security offices and barracks, with elite guards in full battle rattle for the rare occasion that such a show of force is needed. Hunts through the forests of Afon Saffir are regular occurrences, with prey ranging from exotic and dangerous game to common criminals. Despite its natural appearance, the woodland section is heavily monitored, and prey can be driven towards certain behaviors and emotional states through infrasound speakers and venting in chemicals at specific points. The borders of Afon Saffir have disorienting illusionry that tries to turn around any prey that approaches them, and the sky betrays any attempt to navigate at every turn. Should a criminal or deserter manage to overcome these obstacles and evade the hunt, Nyrys grants them a pardon, however for certain crimes she has no reservations about rigging the game. Deep in the forests lies a cenote, a place of ritual sacrifice modeled off of the infamous Theater of the Gods. Here Darth Nyrys and her packs of bound cannibal killers indulge their baser instincts, consuming people and animals raw in the cavern depths. A more potent form of the Sapphire Water exists here, but even Force users are reduced to a feral state for days, weeks, or even months upon imbibing it. That being said, it can restore the body from even the gravest wounds and disfigurements. Sith who use this purer substance claim to have dreams and visions, although how much of it is portent and how much of it the Dark Side version of a crazy acid trip is unknown. The Calon Saffir is hidden in this partially submerged cave system, the beating heart of the more primordial sorceries of the domain. Even Nyrys has not yet attempted to master this last wild place, however as she grows in power it calls to her with increasing fervor. On occasion, Darth Nyrys will allow her court to be petitioned by outsiders, listening to tales of deadly beasts harassing outer rim colonies, merciless pirates and brigands raiding less defended worlds, and out of control Dark Side nexi or even rogue Sith. Should any of these petitions intrigue Nyrys, she will bid members of her court to depart Afon Saffir and deal with the threat, like a mythical feudal queen sending knights on quests. Champions of Afon Saffir will usually arrive without warning or introduction, and disappear just as suddenly after the danger has been slain, leaving a grateful but very confused populace.
  20. On his way to the jedi temple tai had every possible question they could be asked runned through hishead. this question however he wasn't prepeared for. He thaught it obvious. 'back on naboo i heard many stories about the jedi and the sith. of course i know those stories can't all be true. but my mother told me when i was little. In every story there is a core that is true. You only need to dig through the lies and the made up stuff to find the core. Well when i dig trough the lies i came to know that the jedi their first concern is to help people and bring peace. That's something i want to fight for.
  21. ((Sorry for delay, didn't realize you posted)) Zaan had heard of many stories. There were some among the Order who felt called to scour the Galaxy, following where the Force took them to find others who had the spark needed to use the Force. They didn't feel the drive to teach or train those they found, but instead guided them to the Jedi. He had not been called in such a manner, but he respected those who did. "I am glad you were able to save your father," he responded. He couldn't sense any sort of deception coming from the newcomer, nor any sign that he was an infiltrator wanting to harm the Jedi, but that didn't mean he was able to be a Jedi. Still, he would continue with procedure and introduce him into the Jedi life. He gestured with his hands to follow deeper within the Temple grounds. "You have taken the first step in your journey by coming here. Come, let us take the second by getting you registered in the Jedi Temple." He took Tai through the public areas of the Temple, showing the cafeteria, the public version of the Library, and the general training rooms. He also got Tai assigned to some temporary quarters and showed him where he could stay. "There are many tests that a young aspirant must undergo to see how much they can fully touch the Force," Zaan said. "Please, tell me what is it that brought you to the Jedi? What made you choose us over the Sith?"
  22. Axis Fleet vs Allied Fleet : Ruling Okay, based upon everything that I've read, an actual ruling seems almost pointless by this point-but I was asked-so I am making a ruling. It is going to be very basic and straight up- as I don't feel like I need to explain anything. For the Axis Fleet (Black Sun) The fleet has taken a beating and is heavily damaged - and with the Jedi Fleet being pushed by the Sith fleet, has Black Sun forces fighting on all fronts. The damaged sustained and the still overwhelming force against them has given a straight up loss to Black Sun leaving what remains at the mercy of the Allied Fleet, with the saving grace that could come the Sith. For Axis Fleet (Sith) Kyber has taken a beating, and along with how the battle played out is still at the mercy of the Allied fleet. The Sith fleet has been given a slight loss of the Kyber, but still intact. They now hold a true dominance over the area, seeing as they were able to put the Jedi on the Run. For the Allied Fleet (GA) Massive damage handed out, but still intact for the most part. The fleet has been exchanging blows with Black Sun in a fairly straight up blow for blow battle being waged. For the Allied Fleet (Jedi) : The Adi-wan is lost along with damage done to the majority of their ships. Overall Ruling : The Sith fleet has earned dominance over the entire field alone today within the realm of fleet battles. All other fleets are within a bad position and are at the full mercy of whatever the Sith fleet decides to do. You may continue to play things out as you guys are already doing - or leave the engagement as some have expressed doing already.
  23. Mordecai had barely made it out of the hanger when the station came under another barrage of fire. As the lights and the other systems failed, Modeci smiled to himself. That could be useful. He drew his lightsaber, waiting to ignite it until he needed to. He still lacked 'proper' sith garb, but he doubted people would care. Only a madman or a soldier would be as close to the battle as he was going to get. He stalked through the halls, an ominous air about him as he pondered his task. Kill a jedi. That would be dangerous, but the path to the Dark Side would be filled with danger. Skirting from his duty now would not do him any favors. It didn't take long to find signs of battle. Bodies, lined against the walls. Blast marks in the bulkheads. Death permeated the air. He was close. His footsteps echoed through the halls as he stalked his prey. Jedi. He could sense them. They were swarming with republic troops, though he could sense the panic in the Force. The lack of a life support bothered them, it seemed. He thought for a moment. A station this large likely had backups, and even if it didn't, they would likely still have are for over an hour. He stepped into the hangar, lowering his head and pushing past the panicking mass and he made his way towards the Jedi. He looked up, and he met her eyes, a grin spreading across his face. She had two lightsabers? That could be a problem. He'd have to keep track of both. He reached up with his free hand, towards the dim light in the hangar, crushing it with the Force as his hand formed a fist. "Tell me, Jedi. Do you fear what lurks in the dark?" he asked, stalking through the darkness carefully, watching the glow of her lightsabers to keep track of her. He circled to her right, his anticipation building as he readied himself for this fight. He launched forward, swinging the hilt of the lightsaber towards the Jedi's arm, igniting it mid-swing in an attempt to conserve his advantage until the last possible moment in an attempt to sever or seriously damage the limb, hoping to gain an early advantage. The movement was quick and brutal, lacking all of the finesse that one would expect from a lightsaber combatant. ((Post 1 of Mordecai vs Aleria))
  24. ((As Jek Squall)) The events that happened over the next few seconds went by in a slow blur before Jek's eyes. The Force was with him, and he was at peace. The Sith lashed out, managing to nick his sword arm shoulder just enough that his follow through slash cut cleanly through the Zabrak's forearm, disarming him. The intense white-hot pain seemed dulled and distant, though. He was aware of these events, but did not feel. The dismembered hand, still clutching the now deactivated lightsaber plummeted below to the hangar floor. The Force blast hit him shortly after, sending Jek over the railing. As he fell, his heart rate slowed, and his eyes fell closed. He was one with the Force, and the Force was with him. All was as it should be. This place, this conflict, this battle was his purpose, and that purpose had been fulfilled. While Jek had never been fully taught the deeper mysteries of the Force, his Master had tried to impart the ingredients that would leave him to discovering this truth on his own, when he was ready. And finally, at the end of all things, he was ready. A corpse hit the deck plates hard, with more than enough of an impact to kill him had he not already been dead. For a moment, a faint blue image of Jek stood next to it, visible only to Drago and his master. A moment that was a self contained eternity passed as he studied himself, before letting go. Giving one last look upward at Drago, Jek's Force ghost faded to nothingness. The Force was with him. He was at peace. ((Seeing as this character wasn't supposed to last much longer than this, I'm going to go ahead and yield. Considering the points made I the ruling, this seemed plausible to me as an outcome, and I don't think I could have pulled out a win from where we left it. This was an enjoyable duel, and very well fought, I hope I did well in presenting the challenge I did!))
  25. Why am I doing this? Aleria muttered to herself. Just a few hours ago, she'd been crammed into a decent sized storage crate that was being shipped to Onderon from another location. She'd been told that discretion was key, so she dressed in civilian clothes, suppressed her force signature and hid her sabers in an explorer's pack, hoping to take the guise of an archaeologist or trader. Granted, she didn't have much experience in espionage. But she figured people wouldn't ask too many questions of her if she didn't have the trappings of a righteous, blade-wielding, do-gooder. So far Aleria's assumption was right; or, if it wasn't, she hadn't figured that out yet. Some part of her thought that everything lined up a little too perfectly, but life without excitement was boring. So it was most certainly foolish, but it might make for an awesome story if she made it out. She had a few worn journal pages written by an Imperial Field Scout, some vague warnings from the Black Lotus figure, some hints about where to go, and a whole planet of evil Sith people or people that worked for evil Sith people that stood between her and what she wanted to accomplish. What was that again? Oh, right, finishing an investigation into lost Jedi Masters that were pillars of history before they vanished off the map. Yep. Easy. Aleria let her nerves settle and kept her force signature barely above a whisper, blending in with the populace of Iziz until she came upon a decent looking food establishment. She'd been looking for some grub ever since the chorus of her need reverberated off the metal of her regrettable but necessary hiding spot. And now that she had her sights set on it, her stomach started anew, loudly preaching to anyone that would happen to listen. She popped in between a smaller group of civilians and grabbed a spot by the bar, hailing the bartender to grab a glass of water and whatever he had as a special. She did her best to seem small. Her body language was very closed off and she sat at the very end of the bar to avoid unnecessary conversation. It was very obvious what she was doing, but Aleria had no clue. Someone shouldered up beside her as she was handed a steaming plate of something that smelled absolutely divine. And, whether it was impulse or something else, Aleria leaned over and asked the person sitting next to her: "Hey, I'm here to gather information about an old Imperial outpost called 'Moonkeep.' I need to draft up something to give to my supervisor or I'm gonna get canned. All I got is rumors, I was wondering if you might know more?"
  26. As Aleria's blade met a stray bolt of crimson plasma that came so very close to singing her face, the station lights went out. It was a bit jarring at first, but she managed to catch herself before crashing to the floor; graceful. To make matters worse, the distinct hum of the ventilation systems along with other ancillary system noises were replaced with a din of panicked bellowing. The life support was down and people were flapping around like a clutch of cornered mynocks. Skric! Aleria took a moment or two to mentally skim through her - albeit brief - instruction on how to use her vac suit, considering she had to sift through all the vague derision that Sanderson leveled at them. But she eventually found the little switch right above her left pectoral muscle; right at the seam of the vac suit's chest and arm sections. As she twirled through a spray of gunfire, she popped the small button on her suit's shoulder mounted exterior light, illuminating a small cone about ten feet from her position. It was a great way to give away her position, but considering the large bright pink-purple blades of pure light she was wielding, that star ship had already left dry dock. And, considering the mob of civilians that were now pressing in upon them, it wouldn't matter much. Seeing Aidan, Sandy, and Kel rush for a door at the end of the hall, Aleria followed suit, only to find that the door wasn't going anywhere. Huffing mildly, and taking a moment to wipe the sweat from her brow, Aleria eyed the cold steel door. Through the force she could feel how thick the security door was. And, had the power been on, opening the door would have been a cinch. As it was, she needed to find the locking mechanism. No pressure, right? The young Jedi ran her organic limb across the strong metal door and the wall adjoining it, using the light from her sabers and her shoulder until she came across what she assumed was a localized junction box. It looked almost exactly the same as the junction box outside her old apartment back on Coruscant but it was sealed tight. With a snap hiss she disabled her left saber and stuck the hilt in her mouth while bending slightly to examine the box. There was no discernible latch that she could see. But it had to pop open somehow. She stepped back and tried to kick it but that ended with a very stubbed toe. After a sharp exhalation of pain, she tried to punch it with her metal arm but it still wouldn't come loose. It just left a fist sized dent in the metal panel. Hoping her hunch was correct, she ran her remaining beam of active plasma along the outside of the box until the panel popped off. Yes! Now... let's just hope this next trick works as much as that did! She'd never tried anything like this before. She wasn't even sure something like this was plausible. But she had to hope, otherwise they were cutting the doors open by hand which could take forever. Not knowing which wires were the right ones, Aleria grabbed the whole bunch of wires, including several wires that were cut when she opened the thing, in her organic left hand and let her mind clear, allowing the power of the force all around her to flow through her body and - hopefully - into the wires. At first, nothing happened. Aleria's eyes were closed as she tried to focus. She could feel the closed doors mocking her through their continued stoicism. But, just as she started to tire, the metal doors scraped across the floor. Wooo! Aleria cheered internally. But as fast as her adulation came, it left when the doors stopped moving. They had barely moved a foot apart. When Aleria looked down to try again, she saw that the wires were burnt out and broken. At least with no power the doors didn't move back together, but she was still distinctly underwhelmed. It left just enough space for them all to squeeze through if they walked sideways; though, it would be a tight squeeze. Aleria stood up and brushed off her robes with her free hand. "Well... I guess that's that, unless any of you have any other ideas." Aleria said with a half-smile. After she reached a full standing position, right beside Sandy and the others, a cold prick of sensation crawled up the base of her spine until it reached the crown of her head. Instinctively she ignited her other saber and entered a cross-guard ready stance. "There's a problem. You guys go for it, I'll be right behind you as soon as I can take care of it." She urged through gritted teeth. Sure enough, though hard to make out in the light she was emitting, amid the panicked citizens and the soldiers still struggling to move through the chaos, a solitary figure stood. He looked to be just a scant few inches shorter than Aleria and he had a lightsaber hilt in his hand. ((Mordecai - you can get the first post or set up however you want and give it to me. I'm good either way.))
  27. The group had traveled far enough into the station that Tobias had them stop. Looking back, he discovered that of the 52 warriors that followed him into battle, there were only around 30 that had followed him this far. The six barabel had left his group first thing, two others were dead, three had been injured and retreated back to the shuttle- exchanging the guard along the way so the injured were closer to their escape craft than the healthy ones. That left ten others who were guarding specific points along their path into the station, covering the escape route to the black. With a nod and a hand gesture at the floor, the team scrambled into action. Four moved further down the hallway from the rear sentries and started to pull anything they could from the rooms connected to the hallway. The defense Black Sun had put up was weak at first, but no doubt with the arrival of the Sith, plus the enemy actually knowing where the Jedi and their forces were, they would start to attack en masse. Ergo why they were now constructing simple barricades.They would have to re-enforce this area, dropping down level to level and eviscerating the forces standing in their way. Tobias took a moment and checked in with the status of the fleet, letting Tom check in with the shuttles. The news wasn’t good from them, but after exchanging information related to the shuttles, that was exponentially better. Five-Five had discharged their warriors and were engaging the security level of the casino. Five had been killed, but the distraction was vital to balancing the odds to the Jedi’s side. Other shuttle squads were softly engaging the forces within the station, the bait and ambush strategy was working well. The Barabels were ripping through staff throughout the station, well, on the levels down to the prison level. All throughout the briefing Vos toyed with a thermal detonator, inactive of course, but he left his eyes drift with the Force-guided motion of the explosive. He sighed, the expression hidden from his crew, they had lost 30 warriors all together. Finally he got the signal that the crews setting up all the barricades. Reaching out to sense what was directly below them, he let it play out in his mind- the flash grenade, the entrance, the death, the repetition. A blue-green light filled the corridor, a snap hiss echoed up and down the hallway. Tipping the blade into the floor he cut a beveled section out. It settled into its new position as he pulled his saber out of the floor. Using the Force he pulled it up and out, Tom dropping the flash grenade down, Tobias setting down the floor away from the hole, flash grenade detonating, Tom dropping down, Tobias dropping down, three bodies fell into pieces around Tom, two around Tobias. Other warriors followed them down, and the cycle continued for another six levels, each time moving the place where they made the bevel. The warriors were spread out even further through the levels, but they were close. “Vos.” A scratchy voice echoed in his ear, the shots of blaster fire could be heard on the other side of the commlink. “Tarri, this is Vos.” He called back, patching Tom into the channel. “Barabel squad intact. One level below prison level. The prey… there are many. Almost too many.” “Where is shuttle 9-9?” A raspy voice hissed its displeasure, “Not here…” Looking up at Tom, he knew the Chiss Jedi Master was on the comm. Connecting them to his own channel, he heard their chatter. Apparently, they were making their way to the Barabels, completing a flanking maneuver. “Hang in there Tarri, we don’t need anymore dead heros today.” Tobias ordered. Silence for two seconds then Terri acknowledged the order. Vos sighed, apparently 9-9 had been holding back waiting for this. Tut was a good planner like that, but it still irritated Vos. Maybe it was the fire they were under, but they shouldn’t be doing this logistical stuff now. The Barabels and Shuttle 9-9 were going to be coming up to the prison level, and Tobias with 20ish warriors were still making their way down. The process would start to speed up as they would now being using thermal detonators to remove the floor for the next few levels, then they would be above Raven. TL:DR Vos's shuttle (6-4) crew is moving down, Barabel squad plus Shuttle 9-9 crew moving up from below the prison level. Shuttle 5-5 engaging Vault Security. 6 other shuttle crews are running around, playing cat-and-mouse games with internal security. Will clarify later. OOC: Apologies for not formatting.
  28. Tai knew that this question would come. On his way to Felucia he had long thought about a fitting answer. He knew that the answer would be important. until now everything he had thought to say sounded clumsy and childish. But when the man before him asked the question the words came out of tai's mouth without doubt ' well for a start i had always quicker reflexes than my brother and friends back on naboo. never thought that spechial. But one day i went with my father to his work at the theed palace space vessel engineering coorporation. He is a engineer there. And when one of the Droids had a glitch end something fell down. My dad would have been crushed if i didn't sensed it comming and pulled him away I did remember the stories about the jedi and their abilities. Then weeks later a jedi came to town and i ask asked him about him. He said he sensed the force in me. so recomended me to come here
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